Kogi State Government Pledges to Revitalize Education at St. Monica’s College Kabba on its 60th Anniversary

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In a monumental event celebrating the 60th Anniversary of St. Monica’s College Kabba, the Kogi State government has made a pledge to restore the educational standards reminiscent of the golden era of the 60s. Governor Usman Ododo represented by the Honourable commissioner for Education, Hon Wemi Jones has assured the community that his administration will uphold the educational legacy left by his predecessor, with a focus on supporting St. Monica’s Old Girls Association in their efforts to give back to the alma mater that shaped their lives.

During the event, Governor Usman Ododo announced a commitment to provide substantial support to the association and disclosed immediate plans to deploy teachers to cater to the specific needs of St. Monica’s College. Furthermore, the government intends to make ICT education compulsory within the school, with the institution set to benefit from the Smart Classroom infrastructure already in place.

Having successfully elevated tertiary education in the state, the government’s emphasis now shifts towards enhancing secondary education. Governor Ododo took the opportunity to admonish school principals and teachers against extorting students, reiterating the government’s firm stance against such practices at all levels of education.

In recognition of the impressive milestone of the college’s 60 years of existence, Governor Usman Ododo extended his heartfelt congratulations. Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Folashade Arike Ayoade, lauded St. Monica’s Old Girls Association as a source of great pride, expressing her gratitude for being named an honorary member. Dr. Ayoade affirmed her unwavering commitment to the college, pledging to actively participate in its future endeavors.

Addressing the current students directly, Dr. Ayoade urged them to draw inspiration from the successful examples set by the old girls and to remain focused on their academic pursuits without succumbing to distractions, emphasizing their potential to achieve greatness in any field they choose.

The collaboration between the government, St. Monica’s College, and St. Monica’s Old Girls Association underscores a shared vision for reinvigorating education in Kogi State and nurturing the next generation of leaders and scholars.

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