Kogi State Governorship:Dr. Bolufemi Rotimi, a qualified candidate

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Kogi State is a state in the North Central region of Nigeria, bordered to the East by the states of Benue, Enugu and Anambra and to the west by the States of Ekiti and kwara, to the North by the Federal Capital Territory, to the NorthEast by Nasarawa State, to the Northwest by Niger State, to the Southwest by the states of Edo and Ondo, to the Southeast by the states of Anambra and Enugu, and to therefore west by Benue State as being the only state in Nigeria to border ten other states. Named for the Hausa word for river—kogi—Kogi State was formed from parts of Benue State, Niger State, and Kwara State on 27 August 1991.

Kogi State Comprises three major Political District, which includes the Kogi West, East and Central.

Since the creation of Kogi, the Kogi East (Igalas) has govern the State for
almost 18years, the Kogi Central (Ebiras) has ruled for almost 8years, in fairness Kogi west (Okuns) should take over the mantle in the next Election.

And when we talk of the Okun Agenda for Governor, Dr Bolufemi Rotimi is the most Qualified Personality to Represent the Interest of Kogi State.

Dr Bolufemi is Unifier, an Economics and a great innovator who will not only ameliorate the suffering of the good people of Kogi State under the inhumane Government but also raise the Hope of Kogi People.

Dr Bolufemi will create Job for the Teeming youth and also bring back the lost Glory of our dear State.

No doubt, Kogi need a Quality personality who can brings foreign investors, Secure the State from the Political scavengers.

With Dr. Bolufemi, Kogi State Will take a new face and new Beginning.


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