Kogi State have surpassed the benchmark of the UNESCO on education budget-Fanwo

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The Honourable Commissioner of Education, Kogi State, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo declared that the State government under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Bello has surpassed the educational budgeting standard of UNESCO with all the heavy investment in the education industry.

He made stated this while responding to journalist who visited the newly completed Model Science School, Adankolo, Lokoja as part of the 2022 NUJ week activities, monitoring the projects initiated and completed my the present administration, especially in the area of education.

As you are aware the number one on education and we haven’t surpassed the benchmark of the United news of UNESCO.

By UNESCO education budget standard, the state have gone far beyond their own benchmark because of the commitment of His Excellency to education and his determination of putting in place legacy projects like the one we have Ayingba and the model science secondary school are example you can see that this is what we are creating.

it is not just about now, genus putting legacy projects many years after his tenure, people will still be seeing the structure here and remember that a governor came and put this in many places in the state.

We started with the blue revolution in primary schools there is no ward in kogi state today that we go to and not find those blue roof classrooms even wards with two three communities you’ll find in each community, that is the legacy we are leaving behind.

We also invested heavily on higher education, such as our Polytechnic and the universities and we can not leave the secondary out.

The Model Science Secondary School here is one of many in the state.

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