Kogi State in Peril: Senator Dino Melaye Vows to Rescue Citizens from Economic Struggles and Insecurity

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Senator Dino Melaye, a governorship candidate in Kogi State under the plartform of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, has alarmed the public with his alarming statement about the current state of affairs.

He describes Kogi State as being caught in a precarious situation, facing a dreadful continental abnormality.

His heartfelt plea highlights various pressing issues such as the loss of lives, unpaid salaries and pensions, rampant insecurity, child molestation, and pervasive hunger.

Melaye emphasizes the urgent need for action to ameliorate these disturbing conditions, suggesting a correction of what he refers to as the “Satanic era.”

He believes it’s a collective responsibility and a peculiar task to rescue the state from the grips of economic cankerworms and financial scavengers.

The senator calls upon the citizens of Kogi State to join him in this mission, uniting to reclaim their state from those responsible for its decline.

Pointing out the abundant human and mineral resources bestowed upon Kogi State by God, Melaye promises to utilize intellectual mobility to harness and synergize these assets.

He assures the welfare of the people will be his primary responsibility, and lays out his administration’s threefold pedestal and agenda: the people, the people, and again, the people. With the people at the forefront of his governance, he believes that through collective effort and divine intervention, they can restore the long-lost reputation of their beloved state.

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