Kogi State Ministry of Justice Carves Path for Success with development of Strategic Plan

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The Kogi State Ministry of Justice, under the dynamic leadership of the state’s Attorney General, Muizudeen Y. Abdullahi SAN, recently organized a three-day workshop between 6th and 8th of May, 2024, aimed at charting a course towards greater heights of success and excellence. The workshop saw the development of a four-year strategic plan that is set to guide the ministry towards a brighter future.

The event, which covered a wide range of topics including the latest best practices and emerging technologies, was designed to enhance the skills and abilities of the ministry’s staff and to strengthen its overall capabilities. The gathering was attended by all law officers in the Ministry of Justice,Lokoja.

In her opening remarks, the Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary, Hajia Falilat Yusuf, highlighted the objectives of the stakeholders’ capacity-building meeting for lawyers. She stated that part of the objectives of the meeting is to re-orientate the Ministry of Justice and its members of staff, and encourage full participation and cooperation in achieving the set goals.

Before declaring the workshop open, The Honourable Attorney General, Muizudeen Y. Abdullahi SAN expressed his gratitude to all participants for their dedication and commitment to duty. He reaffirmed the ministry’s commitment to excellence and success, stating that the strategic plan will serve as a blueprint for achieving the ministry’s objectives in the coming years. Also in his speech, he said:

“I am also proud to say that we have the full support and backing of our esteemed Governor, His Excellency, Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo. His unwavering commitment to the rule of law, justice, and the independence of the judiciary is truly commendable. Under his leadership, we have seen great strides in the administration of justice in our state, and I am confident that with his support, we will be able to achieve even greater success in the years to come.”

One of the highlights of the workshop was a presentation by the consultant Idris Bawa Esq., a lawyer by profession,a human rights and development worker, who addressed participants on the roles of leadership in the ministry’s success. Mr. Bawa emphasized that a leader is a person who takes the initiative and can communicate and inspire the actions of others towards a common goal. He stressed that when change is desired, it is more productive to sell what a person or team members stand to benefit from the change, rather than just focusing on the change itself.

Additionally, Mrs. Bunmi Obafemi, an officer in the Ministry of Justice, gave a presentation on SWOT Analysis in strategy creation. Her presentation focused on identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of an organization (internal factors) and pairing them with Opportunities and Threats (external factors) for optimal strategy analysis and progressive change. She discussed the quadrants in total and urged for decisiveness in tackling problems and opportunities discovered.

The development of the four-year strategic plan drew praise from attendees, who expressed optimism about the ministry’s future under the guidance of Attorney General Muizudeen Y. Abdullahi SAN. The plan is expected to provide a roadmap for the ministry’s activities and ensure that it remains at the forefront of legal services in the state.

Overall, the workshop was deemed a resounding success, with attendees leaving with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to contribute to the growth and success of the Kogi State Ministry of Justice. With the unveiling of the four-year strategic plan, the ministry is poised to embark on a new chapter of progress and excellence, guided by the vision and leadership of Attorney General Muizudeen Y. Abdullahi SAN.

As the workshop came to a close, the participants were filled with enthusiasm and determination to implement the strategies and best practices discussed during the event. With a strong leadership team in place and a clear roadmap for the future, the Kogi State Ministry of Justice is well-positioned to achieve even greater success in the years to come.

The three-day workshop organized by the Kogi State Ministry of Justice was a testament to the commitment of Attorney General Muizudeen Y. Abdullahi SAN and his team to attaining excellence and success. The development of the four-year strategic plan marks a significant milestone in the ministry’s journey towards greater heights of achievement, and sets the stage for a brighter future filled with opportunities for growth and innovation.

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