KOGI STATE: Rise from the Ashes – Unleashing the Untapped Potential of Nigeria’s Confluence City

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By Obat Isaiah Eseyin

In a captivating tale of lost opportunities and untapped potential, Kogi State emerges as a stark reminder of the consequences of mismanagement and underinvestment. Once hailed as a treasure trove of iron ore, gold, and other precious natural resources, the state’s journey from a beacon of hope to a deteriorating bedrock of Nigeria’s industrialization raises many questions.

Buried beneath its lush landscapes and teeming rivers are abundant resources, ranging from coal, dolomite, feldspar, to bauxite and tar. Countless fortunes awaited those willing to harness the state’s natural wealth. Yet, lack of infrastructure, poor governance, and a series of unfortunate events hindered the efficient extraction and proper utilization of these valuable resources.

One notably mismanaged project, the largest steel mill in Nigeria, stands as a symbol of unfulfilled promise. Conceived in 1979 as a joint effort between the Soviet Union and Nigeria, the steelworks were meant to secure Nigeria’s industrial future. Unfortunately, it has remained dormant, failing to produce a single sheet of steel as of December 2017.

As investors and entrepreneurs shifted their focus elsewhere, the local economy faltered, leaving behind a trail of unemployment and a declining quality of life for residents. The State, once seen as a treasure trove, became synonymous with poverty and underdevelopment.

However, amidst the challenges lies a glimmer of hope. Kogi State has not lost its inherent wealth; it merely awaits wise and responsible stewardship. With the right vision, leadership, and investment, it can revitalize its economy, restore its natural beauty, and finally reap the benefits of its untapped resources.

As Obat Isaiah Eseyin voices his observations, his words carry the weight of expectancy. Kogi State stands at a crossroads, and it is up to its leaders and the collective efforts of its citizens to unlock its true potential.

The Confluence City, Kogi State, can rise from the ashes and reclaim its status as a shining example of prosperity and economic growth. Let the story of untapped riches transform into a tale of flourishing industries, job creation, and a future filled with promise.

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