Kogi West 2023:Oluomo Femi Ajisafe, Ph.D canvases delegates to vote for Dino Melaye

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***says he is the audacious and daring amongst the aspirants


God, the creator is most often deliberate. He does his things – creation and geopolitical placement according to His will and purpose. He is exceptionally excellent in choice making.

One other attribute of God among a plethora, is His responsive redemptive care at perilous times as this.

Since several centuries after the resurrection and ascent of the most audacious and daring saviour – our Lord Jesus Christ to heaven, God had been using man to save man – especially at times as this, God sends only those who possess traits similar to those of our Lord, and hence called by His name. The audacious and daring.

To be audacious is to be courageously willing to bear the burden of others, and settle them. To be daring is to be sacrificial – offering one’s self, even in the face of danger, for dire service; above this is the zeal to stand up to be counted in times as hard as this where only hard people last.

It is one with such charm, candour, experience and urbanity that fits into the contextual imagery of the servant leader God now annoints for service to His people at debilitating times as this that I humbly introduce to our respectable representatives – the Adhoc voters.

The times are really fastidious and agonising, even during this electioneering to nominate a candidate for Kogi West Senatorial election. It is for this reason that our elected adhoc representatives must be godlike is casting their votes come tomorrow.

It has to be a vote for the audacious and daring after the heart of God. Permit me, therefore, our dear Adhoc electors to introduce to you the audacious and daring amongst the aspirants – the very Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye. He has been tested, and is trusted. He fittingly embodies the astuteness, class, distinctive clarity of thought and pristine presentation in the red chamber. Thank you.

Vote Dino

Vote in tandem with God

Vote the audacious

vote the daring

Oluomo Femi Ajisafe, Ph.D

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