KOGI WEST: Hon. Sunday Karimi, A Wealth of Experience And Performance That Can Be Trusted

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Legislators’ primary role has been to advocate laws and formulate policies for the needs of all of their constituents and the nation at large fairly, prudently and equally. To do this, they must know the people, understand community activities, knock on doors to familiarize and interact, influence and promote small and medium scale enterprises, foster unity through empowerment and to also periodically have a mechanism to know and feel their pulse.

Having served as a Federal Lawmaker for Yagba Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Sunday Karimi has brought a wealth of expertise and performance in improving the lives of Yagba people over his two terms as a Lawmaker and even after that. He has done more than advocating laws for his people but he has performed brilliantly in areas pertinent to his people and beyond. As an experienced Lawmaker, He brings so much to the table for the development of the country and improving the lives of his people. His incredible skill, and penchant for having trademark legacy in all the communities he is representing without sentiment is a testament to that fact.

The next general election is one in which the people of Nigeria and Kogi West in particular will once again be saddled with the responsibility of exercising their franchise of electing their leaders and one in which they must never do with their caps in their hands but through a comprehensive detailing of those involved. Antecedents and
records while they were in public offices. How fair, just and equitable were they? And fortunately, Hon. Sunday Karimi has been outstanding in these regards. He built block of classrooms across his Constituency without any sentiment and the only man with such very rare character. He purchased farming inputs and seedlings for his constituents without fear or favor. He gave scholarship to students, empowered the women, built electricity, built roads and water: all across his Constituency. None has achieved a fair, equitable and just distribution o facilitated projects across their constituency as Karimi. He is the most qualified.
Support and Vote for Sunday Karimi and APC candidates for equitable, fair, just, prudent and transparent development across Kogi West come 2023.


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