Kogi West! This is the time to RALLY your own

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By Abdulmumini Adavize

The way and manner God does his things still remain a mystery and a puzzle no one can unravel.

Sometimes back, during project assesment tour by His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello to Kabba, expectedly, we moved ahead to the Obaros Palace to welcome the Governor. Immediately we highlighted at the gate of the 1st class Monarch, ASIWAJU was greeted with soothing songs and dancing steps embedded with cultural flair.

However, It’s not about the cultural troop per say, they are often at state events and it’s their job to sing and dance to the admiration of the people.

Rather it’s about the rapt manner Asiwaju was put on the spotlight, reverberating his name despite having arrays of public office holders at the scene. Much more, their traditionally inclined songs and cultural display was littered with an assurance of support for Asiwaju as Kogi West seeks a short at the number 1 seat.

Inside me, I was wondering what must have instigated such from a cultural troop. I quickly remembered been a troop, does not absolves them of their Okun lineage and Kogi west badge.

Fast forward to when the Governor arrived and was giving his remarks before the well seated traditional rulers, Religious leaders, Appointees of Government, party faithfuls and lovers of Good Governance, he clearly corroborated the songs rendered by the cultural troops earlier when we arrived. It was like an answer prayer!

I wondered in awe, how God,in his infinite mightiness, can decide to use and speak through anyone he deemed fit. He spoke through the cultural troops, who in their own estimate, was carrying out a mandate of entertainment by adding glitz and glamour to the event.

While speaking to the council of Obas as led by the Obaro Of Kabba and others, the Governor said without micing words and with so much emphasis pointing to Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris,FCA..” I can see our money money here, that is your son, that is your son, NOTE him very well”. His Excellency spoke further by informing the revered traditional rulers and everyone in the Palace that, ” …I am still coming back at the proper time to present him to you…..”.

For those who dont know, Governor Yahaya Bello is an exemplary Leader and a signature personae who has a deep affinity for anything that comforms with Justice, Equity and Fairness, even if the situation is not in his favour. He carries and exudes the EBIGO spirit, because he believes we are all Kogites, either Igala, Ebira or Okun, and under no circumstances should anyone be left behind.

Therefore, if the political atmosphere seem providential to Kogi West like it’s served a la carte, depending on perspectives, imperatively, forming a cohesive front as a people to utilise the golden opportunity is not negotiable. At this point, as a political district, all differences, infighting and ego must be jettisoned, to allow these budding acorn grow to an oak tree.

This is the time in history, where everyone in Kogi West must come together,by putting resentments and animosity aside, to foster Unity that will help bring the dream and wishes of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello to fruition.

But I am still appalled and surprised at the same time, to see some Kogi westerners leading a political plot against their own people. Supporting Senatorial districts that had heldsway in Lugard house to perpetuate the Marginalisation of their own people. What an Irony! What an irreconcilable scenario!

The capacity, competence and loyalty of Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris,FCA is never in doubt, his track records and stellar performance as Finance, Budget and Economic Planning Commissioner for the past 6 years is highly commendable. Of importance, is his penchant for genuine service and profound Omooluwabi character, which bows not to spoils of office.

Kogi West! Make hay while the sun shine.
Kogi West! Rally round your own for the number one seat.

I am Abdulmumini ADAVIZE

From Okehi LGA, Kogi State.

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