Kogi Youth Development Association (KYDA) Conferred Ambassadorial Award on Alhaji Abdulrauf Dan Usman(Senior Malaika) As Kogi Youth Ambassador of the Year

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The Awardee(Senior Malaika) is Someone who has been able to Set a Standard of Excellence through his tremendous Services to humanity. He exemplifies the Spirit of Philanthropy through extraordinary support towards community development Programs in the Community where he comes from. He has always been leading by example in the giving of time and financial resources.

It’s important to note that our Award recognizes a Significant and enduring commitment to Philanthropy through direct philanthropic support Service that Support Charitable causes of other Philanthropic initiatives to improve people’s lives in the Society.

This Award is meant to Celebrate him because he embodies integrity, leadership and accomplishment that defines excellence in the field of Philanthropy.

Alhaji Abdulrauf Dan Usman( Senior Malaika) is an individual who always take Stands on issues important to him and willing to push himself to Still do better to make life easy for those in need.

His love for the less privileged made him to keep close relationship with them and he has always been taken good care of the indigent Students across Okunland
and Kogi State at large. His support is an incredible source of Financial Assistance to the less Privileged Students who find it difficult to care for basic necessities in School and most importantly Payment of their School Fees.

The Awardee is someone whose whole life bore a shining Stamp of Sincerity and truth which he always loved and advocated with Socratic Passion. Comr Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo further said the Awardee has in so many ways equipped many of the young ones to overcome difficulties to achieve success in their various endeavors. His kind gesture is basically meant to Shape the lives of young impressionable Students to give them hope of a better tomorrow and also bring out the best in them.

The Chairman of Kogi Youth Development Association, Comr. Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo thanked Alhaji Abdulrauf Dan Usman for being a blessing to the “Have Not” Through his tremendous Services to humanity. He also thanked him for bringing up a Scholarship Program meant to equip the less Privilege Students to have access to care for basic necessities in School most importantly, payment of their School Fees.

In his final words, Comr. Olorunhudo Samuel Taiwo appreciate him for given the less Privilege Students and Youths the opportunity to have the best of hope that tomorrow will be greater than today.

Congratulations Sir.

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