Kwankwaso Will Not Join Issues With Morally Bankrupt Personality

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By Abdulmalik Suleiman

The Nigerian political space has remained an intriguing theatre of the absurd. Currently, we have a scenerio where, due to system collapse, our corrupt official have become moral compass to direct our affairs, and of course, one can easily guess the resultant consequences.

This is because leaders who ought to be torch bearers and beacon of light for measuring morals are regrettably, the exact opposite of what they should be in our present day Nigeria.

A leader must and should be seen as decent, incorruptible and above board. As a matter of fact, leaders must exude these qualities to inspire love and respect of the citizenry.

Narrowing down the argument back to the Nigerian political space, it is generally believed that the major problem bedeviling the country remains lack of quality leadership which has continued to serve as impediment to the country’s development.

Though the average Nigerian harbours some form of disdain for their eaders, though justified considering the ineptitude some of these leaders have demonstrated, yet, some of these leaders have demonstrated good leadership when saddled with the opportunity to turn the fortunes of their people around.

Two examples of leaders with distinct personalities will suffice. Curiously, the two have had opportunities of administering their state.

These personalities in question are Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and Alh. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, who, at various times, had the privilege of ruling Kano State as chief executives.

The perception of the two in the minds of the people of the state varies; with one seen as an impactful and ethical leader while the other is perceived as a corrupt and immoral leader.

Owing to some irreconcilable differences that exist between the two, they have, however, found themselves at different political divides.

This is the beauty of democracy and Kwankwaso has over the years, proved his prowess that Ganduje is inconsequential. But what is even more unsettling is Ganduje’s morbid obsession with his former boss and benefactor, hauling insults at him at every given opportunity, while Kwankwaso, on the other hand, has continued to dignify him with silence.

The latest diatribe from Ganduje against Kwankwaso, was a comment credited to him recently calling his former boss as one without a political party.

This comment is grossly uncalled for and in bad taste considering the fact that he, Ganduje has advanced in age which makes it imperative for him to conduct himself appropriately in the society. But that has not been the case.

Sen. Kwankwaso must be commended for his maturity and display of rare leadership quality for not joining issues with Ganduje, as doing so will be tantamount to chasing a mad man on the street.

Needless to say that the country and it’s anti- graft institutions and justice system are grossly ineffectual to the effect that the likes of Ganduje has continued to evade justice and instead, get rewarded for their crime against the people.

It is no longer news that Ganduje who was caught on tape receiving bribes and stuffing them into his pocket in a video clip has been rewarded by President Bola Tinubu as the chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Aside the dollar stuffing offence, Ganduje severely shortchanged the people of Kano state by selling and grabbing important state’s assets especially religious spaces, vis-a-viz the Hajji camp, Eid praying ground and the age – long burial ground.

His appointment as acting National Chairman itself is a clear indication that the president is not serious in his fight against corruption and corrupt practices.

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