Leke Abejide Presented A Car Gift To His Former and Present Domestic Staff With SPU Police Officer

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Hon. Leke Abejide member, House of Representatives Yagba Federal Constituency, gifts his former driver Mr Mukaila Yusuf and other recent staff car gifts.

He presented the car gift to them to appreciate their service to him since they started working with him.

Mr Mukaila Yusuf, Mr Gbenga Taiye Gbenga, Ejigah Abraham and Police SPU Bashir Sabo were recipients of the gift , this is to appreciate their services to him.

Hon. Leke said the SPU officer Bashir has been with him for a while and he has observed him closely, he described the police officer as a disciplined, dedicated police officer who has been active on duty.

“Today, he is being rewarded of his hard work, brightness, diligence, functionality and excellence of duty.
This is a reward for your loyalty and service.

He further said before his former driver Mr Mukaila Yusuf resigned, he had promised to gift him a car, although he had gifted him a car before now, because he had worked with him for 7years before he relinquished his job, to fulfill his promise, Hon. Leke gifted him the car today.

“Although I have given him a car before but that was then, I promised to give him another car even though many things had happened before. But that was by the way, this is to fulfill my promise and also reward.y domestic staffs. He said.

Mr Adeyemi Taiye Gbenga the recent driver and Ejigah Abraham, escort pilot driver, were also beneficiaries from the House of Representatives Member.

The beneficiaries acknowledged the kind gestures of Hon. Leke Abejide for the gift and for keeping to his promise.

Abraham Ibukun Eunice,
S.A Media and Publicity,
Hon. Leke Abejide,MHR.
Yagba Federal Constituency.

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