Let Not The Destiny Of This Land Be Stolen Because We Did Not Do What Was Meant For Us To Do At This Critical Moment-TSG

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A group of notable political leaders under the auspices of Tinubu Support Group (TSG) assembled at the residence of Prince Dayo Akanmode in Ayetoro Gbede to deliberate over the way forward on how the pendulum of victory will swing to the direction of Tinubu/Shetima, other Apc candidates and how to make the party existing structures more formidable as a preparation for the forthcoming general elections.

In a related development, the group unanimously echoes a submission that; “Let Not The Destiny Of This Land Be Stolen Because We Did Not Do What Was Meant For Us To Do At This Critical Moment. Remember This Party Was Formed Not Simply To Wrest Power From A Wrong And Failing Group, But This Party APC Was Formed To Give our People The Progressive Good Governance They Deserve”.

This is one of the statements deduced from that of the speeches of Jagaban Of Borgu by these leaders.

As we march into the months of full blue moon of campaign, the political terrain is becoming clogged. And with the INEC Time Table, it is expected that the seeming inefficacy of political activities will heighten. Though we do not need to share from the grief of those who do not have respect for consultation and mobilization, but Since we have resolved to participate actively at all levels, Presidential and National as well as State Assembly elections, all members of the Team should be trotting their political engines from now on. The time has come to prove that we are solidly on the ground.

To this effect, series of political strategies albeit ethical and progressive will be deployed anytime from now.
To a large extent, we are going to operate through cells that will be most unidentifiable by non active members of the Movement.

During the interactive session, Hon Dayo Akanmode who is a member of the Steering Committee made it clear that the initiative put in place to hold such a critical meeting as a front burner in the scheme of things was a very good one and timely because of its veracity of tenets. Though it appears as a maiden one but cuts across virtually the axis concerned in terms of representation.

Noting that there might not be a better time than this to showcase the image of our own son Hon James Abiodun Faleke. According to Dayo Akanmode, the present political atmosphere would in no doubt serve as an avenue for them to give him the maximum support he needs, while describing him as one of the major pillars in Tinubu presidential campaign team today. In addition, Faleke remains a man it has pleased God to place in helm of affairs with a lot of influencial statutory which he derives from echelon of power in the party structures.

One of the prominent personalities and also a member of the Steering Committee of Tinubu Support Group, Ambassador Dapo Olutekunbi emphasized the need to bring leaders of high repute on board whose mobilizing capacity is beyond measure. While giving a brief of the first and second steering committee meeting held at Lokoja, Ambss. Dapo Olutekunbi noted that one of the resolutions unanimously drafted out was that each member of the committee should go back home and identify with those who can make things work for the progress of the party presidential candidate and not those whose burden of political imbroglio will be shaded as that of a honorable fantasy.

He therefore stated in clear terms that members of the Leaders Of Thought will be the voice and the determinant as to which decision and speed of activities he might wish to operate with at the floor of the Steering Committee. He equally encouraged all members of the leaders of thought to give their best in the general interest of the party

Other prominent members present at the meeting who made their marks were Chief Taiye Ikupeleye, Hon. Johnson Toluyemi, Hon. Dare Osawu Hon. Boye Bello and others.

Each in his own contribution described the meeting as timely as expected which by its laid down aims and objectives, it will definitely serve as a developmental point of reference for the betterment of our teaming people in Ijumu local government. More to which that all members have decided to critically look into area that affect their people and a logical profound solutions to such areas as the case may be through the influence of Hon James Faleke, the man we all know as a close ally of Tinubu.

Part of the captioned development was the true facts surrounding one of the Steering Committee members, Hon Yori Afolabi who equally parades himself as Co.coordinator which the Leaders Of Thought berated. In a statement jointly and officially issued over the weekend, the group said that the claim by Yorimon Afolabi is capable of setting the hard earned structures of Tinubu Support Group leadership body in Ijumu by those concerned to a state of bewilderment.

He was therefore warned to desist from making a frivolous and unsubstantiated claim about such a sensitive position of Co. Coordinator representing Ijumu L.G

“Going by the facts so far at our disposal, there should not be anyway Hon Yorimon Afolabi could lay claim to the position. This is more so that he had already, genuinely or not made up being a member of the existing steering committee.

For clarification of wrong thought and reason of fairness, the team in a communique signed the position and all its responsibilities be taken up by Hon. Dare Asanlaiye whom the group believed will use his acceptability by his own people to add colour to the already beauty of TSG in Ijumu L.G because of the axis he comes from”.

Accordingly, Our aims in this presentation is to simplify that politics should no longer be a subject of controversy as what makes a leader is his antecedent and that is what they have seen in the leadership style of Tinubu of today politics.

It will also help to inform people that no one can play politics of inclusiveness without leadership of internal mechanism. Or holding meetings at interval, hence it was agreed upon that, haven confirmed him as a capable, pro active and consistent leader, he Dayo Akanmode should steer the wheel of its ( IjumuTSG Leaders Of Thought ) operation as a leader of high integrity and that the group will continue to broaden it’s scope of responsibility until the party APC wins it’s elections at all levels come 2023.

To put the record straight, resolutions reached during the meeting are as follows;

(1) That an elderstatesman Otunba APS Arogundade who hails from Ijumu Oke axis be fully brought on board as a member of steering committee since Ijumu Oke has no existing member in the Steering Committee

(2). That Hon Dare Asanlaiye be made Co.Coordinator to represent Ijumu L.G in line with the principle of Even Distribution, Fairness and Equity

(3). That Hon Dayo Akanmode is the leader of TSG “Leaders Of Thought” in Ijumu L.G

(4). A vote of confidence was passed on Hon. Barr.Shola Ayedogbon (Charvid) as the Chairman of Elders/Leaders Forum

(5). That there is need for all leaders to work together and not at Cross purposes

(6). The need for all to go back home for mobilization should be at its highest gear.

(7). That the group name shall be Tinubu Support Group Leaders Of Thought (TSGLOT)

(8). That an official WhatsApp group shall be created under the stipulated law for proper dissemination of information and communication.

Once again we salute the people’s courage, resilience and utmost forbearance in the face of all tyrannical disposition of those that have held sway in the political domain in recent times.
Together we are poised to make a difference.

In no distant time, all cells will be activated and tasked appropriately. Efforts have reached advanced stage in this direction as no stone will be left unturned if victory must be assured!

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