Mopa Kingdom Kingmakers denounce Mr. Famodile’s press conference as irresponsible and misguided

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The Kingmakers of Mopaland has unanimously described the action of press conference of Mr. Reuben Taiwo Famodile as irresponsible of a supposed Elder community men like him.

Responding to the press conference Mr. Famodile single handedly addressed in Abuja with Leadership Newspaper on Monday, the Kingmakers said a tree cannot make a forest, especially on a soil that has lost its nutrients.

“Anyone cannot single handedly hold a press conference in diaspora and claim he speak for a group of people he didn’t even belong to, if he is bonafide and confident, he should come and hold his press conference on Mopa soil “, they said.

Speaking with our reporter on the development, Secretary of the Kingmakers Committee, Comr. Olufemi Temitope said that being the spokesperson of the Kingmskers Committee, Mr. Famodile is wrong on all fronts.

Comr. Temitope called the attention of Nigeria Police to Mr. Famodile for sitting in diaspora and causing or making attempts to cause discord and unrest, and most dangerously instigating violence and riot in Mopa.

“The Commissioner of Police, Bethrand Onuoha was personally in Mopa on Saturday and he commended Mopa people for maintaining peace and order since the demise of the immediate past Elulu of Mopa, His Royal Majesty, Late Julius Funsho Joledo, through out the process of selection and coronating of a new Elulu”.

“This peace and order we have been commended for is what Mr. Famodile is making attempts to disrupt. We call on the Inspector General of Police to please look into this situation and investigate put Mr. Famodile as he is on a dangerous mission”.

Mr. Temitope advised Mr. Famodile to come out straight with the personal issues he has with HRM, Oba Muyiwa Ibeun.

“Mr. Famodile to stop being vendetta”, he that it was revealed that sometimes ago before Oba Ibeun became the Elulu, as a bonafide Mopa citizen challenged how an hailing old man like him should be the Chairman of Mopa Welfare Society, Abuja branch. He is only protecting a selfish interest of becoming an undevelopmental life President of MWS, Abuja branch. A mission that has failed”, he stressed.

The Secretary of the Kingmakers, Comr. Olufemi Temitope who is from the Ipata clan asked Mr. Famodile not to be more catholic than the pope because he doesn’t have the right to speak for the Ipatia people as he is from Ilaofin – Ilegemo.

They urge Mr. Famodile to emulate responsible elders of the community like his own Ilaofin – Ilegemo Clan Head, Elder Matthew Jonah and their Secretary Mr. Maiye Femi Julius who signed the congratulations note on behalf of the clan to Oba Ibeun.

Mr. Famodile was advised to stop media propaganda and stop spreading falsehood, that all of the processes that led to the coronation of Oba Muyiwa Ibeun as Elulu of Mopa are transparent, adding that there is a compilation of all the processes and a copy can be sent to him, if that will stop his maliciousness.

On the issue of court restriction, the Comr. Temitope for the upteenth time stressed that the selection process that produced Oba Ibeun has been concluded before the court order came, and there are documented evidences that those that went to court all participated in the process they are part of.

They also said there is another court order that set aside and struck out their court restriction order, a motion moved by their lawyer, Barr. Ayo Jonathan.

“We stated their scores, we are not bias. It is a selection process and we scored them. Individual kingmaker scored each candidate independently”.

“We tabulated the result, we have all these sheets and results individually as Kingmakers with our names each on our respective copies. It is an opened process, there is nothing hidden, we did it perfectly. The whole Chiefs and Community greeted us that we did a very good job”.

“With any case in court on this subject matter, we are not worried, we have done the right thing and there is no cause for alarm. We are all humans, It is not possible that some persons will not be aggrieved. We are so comfortable that even the people at the court knows the right thing”.

“We have no court injuction stopping us in the selection process. The said court injuction was served after we concluded the selection process that produced the Elulu of Mopa that we have today, His Royal Majesty, Oba Muyiwa Ibeun. The people that went to file the court order also participated in the process that they have gone to court to perceivedly stall”.

“Infact, the Kingmaker representing Ipatia (the clan claiming its their turn), Mr. Emmanuel Ajolore scored the new Elulu 72%. How come injuction is coming from court and how come they are going to court when they all participated? And they all duely signed. The Balogun and all Mopa Community, all security agencies, DSS, Police and NSCDC were all witnesses”.

“We are sure that the we the Kingmakers has delivered on the mandate of our ancestors and that of the Oracle of Mopaland”

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