Mozum District of Bassa LGA Disowns Hon. Alhassan Adakeke

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***Says He No Longer Will Enjoy District’s Traditional, Political Benefits.

The Paramount Ruler of Mozum, HRH, Alhaji Khalid Bukar ll, the Ohegba of Mozum has following a meeting of the Mozum Traditional Institution declared Hon. Alhassan Adakeke, no longer a son of the Kingdom Traditionally and Politically.

The Paramount Ruler, King Khalid along side Members of the Mozum Traditional Institution made the disclosure at a press conference addressed in Lokoja, said henceforth the former House of Assembly Member ceases to enjoy any traditional or political benefit from the district.

The decision to ostracize Hon. Adakeke, the Paramount Traditional Ruler and other Members of the Traditional Council members explained followed a petition allegedly written by Hon. Adakeke where he made unsubstantiated allegations against the paramount traditional ruler, other Chiefs, Politicians and prominent persons of Mozum extraction.

In a copy of the petition written by Hon Adakeke, he allegedly accused the Traditional Ruler and others he mentioned in the petition of Anti party activities, a petition the Paramount Ruler and Traditional Rulers appreciated former Gov. Yahaya Bello for discarding the petition for lacking of substance.

Speaking on the matter, HRH, King Khalid wondered how a true son of the district could be so mischievous, expressed worries that after several entireties made for him to defend his petition, Hon. Adakeke did not show remorse.

” Having met with the Traditional Rulers, kinsmen and other prominent sons of Mozum and following the failure of Hon. Adakeke to show remorse, I have hereby dissociated him from anything politically and Traditionally from the district”, said enough is enough.

HRH King Khalid expressed deep appreciation to former Gov. Yahaya Bello for discarding the petition of Hon. Adakeke, equally called on Gov Ahmed Usman Ododo to look inward when decisions regarding Bassa is to be taken.

” We are using this medium to inform Gov. Ahmed Usman Ododo, that presently in Bassa, we have two Politicians who irrespective of their tribe and political leanings would always work in the interest of the area. We call on His Excellency, Gov Ododo to always consult with them on issues of Bassa LGA “, urged him not to listen to unscrupulous and mischievous politicians from the area who are only concerned about their interest.

Similarly, HRH. Alhaji Haruna Ada Abubakar, the Shaba of Mozum Kingdom, said the decision to ostracize Hon. Adakeke from the district politically and Traditionally is because his petition has largely desecrated the revered stool of the Ohegba of Mozum, said the district would not tolerate a situation where it traditional institution and individuals would be undermined.

The Shaba described the Ohegba Mozum as peace loving, lamented that Hon. Adakeke has remained unrepentant after the discovery of his unsubstantiated petition.

Also speaking, the Ondaki Gbani and Madaki of Mozum Kingdom, HRH, Alhaji Abubakar A. Mohammed as well as the President of Mozum Development Association, described the petition by Hon. Adakeke as an abomination and a slap to the Traditional stool of the Ohegba of Mozum.

He expressed worries that despite the discovery of the satanic petition which he said Hon. Adakeke described as a mere report, the outcome of the finding of the Traditional Institution, he explained was to ostracize him, added that it is the collective decision of the Mozum Traditional Institution, people of the district for Hon. Adakeke to have run down the traditional institution, Chiefs, Political leaders of the Mozum Kingdom.


I, HRM Alhaji Khalid A. Bukar II, the Ohiogba of Mozum have
carefully considered the false, malicious and devilish write-up by Alhassan Salisu Adakeke.

After due consultation with the good people of Mozum Kingdom
and members of my traditional council, we have resolved as follows:
That the call by Alhassan Salisu Adakeke for disciplinary action to
be taken on the Ohiogba of Mozum and eminent members of his kingdom on political matters is against our tradition.

Consequently, he will not be eligible to represent Mozum in any
capacity henceforth.

In the light of above, this position of Mozum
traditional institution is to be noted by all organs of the Kogi State
Government and beyond, please. Since the other signatories hails
from Bassa-Komu and Bassa-Nge districts, he may seek
representation from those districts if they so wish.

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