Nigerian Democracy Day, Not Yet Uhuru- Kogi PDP

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As we reluctantly congratulate Nigerians and residents alike, on this year’s June 12 Democracy Day celebrations, due to the many lacks and pains the APC has brought to our great nation, we wish to ask that we intensify our prayers and be more vigilant about the oneness of this great nation- Nigeria, while we get ready to vote for a leader that will have time to attend to our now, more than ever desired “need to get out of the woods”, where the APC has plunged the nation in less than eight (8) years of being in power.

The party is seriously worried about how Nigeria, that has gone worse since 2015 where kerosin was sold at N50, when APC took over to now that Kerosine is selling at over N600 for just a litre and still rising, we fear how we will be ruled again from 2023 by another APC proposed President, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu (God forbid APC is declared), will be going IN and OUT of the hospitals just as President Mohammadu Buhari has been doing since 2015, causing Nigeria to keep loosing more human and capital development time, cum further financial resources “more of a drain pipe” expended and still being expended on Buhari’s treatments, i.e on drugs, consultations and flights amongst many others, making us to loose so much also in capital flights, due to medical tourism (since we can’t handle these noticeable health issues in Nigeria) all from several medical trips abroad, and which we have to continue, even with another sitting President? (just incase Alhaji Tinubu of the APC is declared winner) Nigeria will then have a double albatross tragedy of treating an immediate past President come 2023 after Alhaji Mohammadu Buhari have served out his term and an incumbent in Alhaji Tinubu, thus complicating our hope of getting out of these unsafe, failed economy and more divided Nigeria, that the APC has indeed brought on us, in less than two terms in office, as President.

“The PDP hereby passionately again, draw Nigerians’ attention to the fact that we were warned severally and seriously by different people on how a SICK PRESIDENT will not function well in office due to the demands of that office and pressure in the office of a President, because he (Buhari) will need to continually spend more time attending to his health by seeking medical attentions, and we Nigerians, did not just failed to listen, we also failed to comply with that golden advice, sadly, today we are paying darely for it by our general borderless unsafe situations, where no one is safe, even in our houses from kidnaps, places of worships, senseless killings and wanton destructions of properties, farm land take overs and damages to crops by cows, bandits and terrorrists, and just anyone can get kidnapped anytime, as we can’t even travel safely anymore, every home consumables and food items has gone out of the reach of Nigerians and residents alike, courtesy of the the APC; all arising from what we were warned against in 2015 and we failed to heed. Here, indeed is gradually, another great opportunity to right the wrong of 2015 and the APC is again from its end re-presenting to us, another medically questionable Alhaji Tinubu that should ideally be attending to his health matters as physically noticed in just very few days of not yet thick political activities, but just a pocket of inter party activities, within his own party, the APC, what then shall we be confronted with when it’s beyond his party and then affecting involving matters concerning the entire country? “that can only better be imagined!”, reads in part a statement signed by the party’s Director of Media and Communications, Comrade Dayo Onibiyo.

The PDP, also noted with dismay, the baseless and myopic campaign on regional bases claiming it is the turn of the South, as it asked if the same APC then ACN did not try to remove Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a Southerner from the Presidency in 2011 as led by this same Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu? and finally in 2015, when they booted him, so we asked boldly, what makes Tinubu more SOUTHERNER than Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? all in their drive for parochial self ochestrated agenda, now being cunningly crafted as southern agenda to deceive worthy Nigerians who now desire to uproot the APC from further dividing Nigerians and residents alike, which the party noted that Nigerians, has never being this divided.

A country like Nigeria which the PDP met it’s foreign reserve at $4.9 billion and moved it to almost $55 – $80 billion, as the APC is grappling effortlessly to keep the figure at $38 billon from what it met in 2015, having battered Nigeria with legion of debt profile to over $95.77 billion as Nigerian public debt rose by 20% to N33 trillion under the APC as at 31st December 2021, these year’s debts if included has risen to N39.5 trillion, meaning additional N6 trillion naira has been borrowed in less than 6 months (March 2022), having borrowed so much in just seven years, borrowing yearly to finance it’s budgets since 2015; wondering how they can be allowed to remain in office, for another four hours beyond 2023 handover date, talk more of risking another four years, else the result is better imagined with what the APC again is bringing to Nigerians as their candidate, who they wish to handover Nigeria to as the new pilot who is struggled bitterly to hold their party flag, despite Buhari and Adamu’s effort and couldn’t flip a sheet of paper to the next page in a jiffy, showing great signs of unfitness which will grossly affect his performances. We make bold to say, that this is not the healthy Tinubu of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) that ruled Lagos between 1999 – 2007, just like what we have now is not the healthy Buahri that ruled NIgeria with Late General Tunde Idiagbon of blessed memory.

The PDP is sympathetic to the plight of the APC and Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) and seriously appeal to it to take time to attend to his health matters as Nigeria’s Presidency is not for try and error any longer.

We therefore, enjoin Nigerians to intensify their effort and prayers to kick out the APC and continue to pray to survive the remaining period before 2023, their formal date of exit.

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