Ohimegye Advocates Kogi, Nasarawa Joint boarder committee to fight persistent communal crisis

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The Traditional Ruler of Igu Kingdom, HRM, Alhaji Saidu Akawu Salihu, the Ohimegye Igu, Koton-Karfe, has called on Kogi and Nasarawa State Government to form a joint boarder committee to fight the persistent problems of communal crisis facing the area.

The Ohimegye Igu Koton-Karfe made the call when he received in audience the Executive Members of Lokoja Kogi Indigenous Journalists and Publishers Forum, urged the people of the Kingdom to continue to live in peace and harmony, described peace as a necessary ingredients for development.

The Ohimegye observed that since his assumption of office as the paramount traditional ruler of the Kingdom, he has held series of meetings with critical stakeholders with the view to enthroning lasting peace amongst the people of Toto LGA in Nasarawa and Kogi LGA in Kogi State.

” Let me use this opportunity to call on the two State Government of Kogi and Nasarawa States to form a joint committee to tackle the persistent communal crisis that has lived with cousins across boarders living in Nasarawa and Kogi State. It is unfortunate that we have had to live with this crisis over a period of time, but I think it is time we bring to an end this crisis by fostering unity. Since I assumed the throne, I have held series of meetings with the village heads and all the concern on the need to deliberately strive for peace amongst our boarders”.

Upon assumption to the throne, the Ohimegye Igu Koton-Karfe said he has had to contend with the challenge of disunity, addressing the peculiar problems arising from Youths restiveness and rascality, particularly with the advent of the social media, a problem he says he find difficult to cope with, expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah for the efforts he has started making in redressing this challenges.

” You are all witnesses to the event of 2012 where nomination process was made and the role of the Kingmakers”.

” What happened in 2012 was an enthronement of falsehood with the people made to live with it for 12 years”.

” So whether you like it or not it has become entrenched in our system to the extent that some person’s have lived with the falsehood for 12 years, making it difficult to correct”.

” Allah’s ways are different from ours but by his help that falsehood has been addressed. The truth has been enthroned to the expectations of the people and the Kingmakers”.

” It was unfortunate that a committee of government will do otherwise against the wish of the Kingmakers. In all, we thank Almighty Allah that the truth has been known and our tradition restored and respected”.

” Presently, we are grappling with the problem of everybody coming together, this is because if you put somebody in a place for 12 years, whether you like it or not, he is likely to develop followership based on love and other factors”.

” The challenge is to try to make the people accept that whatever happened is the will of Almighty Allah. God has made it that one day, he will emerge by default and one day I will be restored as the authentic Emir. I’m doing my best as far as I am able to bring together everybody in an atmosphere of peace”.

” I’m reaching out to accomplished citizens of the Kingdom and those aggrieved to join hands, come together and work for the growth of Igu Kingdom”.

On his plans for the development of the Kingdom, HRM Alhaji Saidu Akawu Salihu said Government is limited to do several things, particularly in the areas of employment, lamented that many youths from the area who are qualified to be gainfully engaged are not employed, rather are now engaging in negative vices, particularly the social media rascality.

” We are surrounded by Lokoja, Toto, Abaji and part of Niger State. It is only in Kogi LGA that you find this heights of rascality with people going into the social media to tear down, destroy and cause disharmony in the society against brothers, parents and elders”.

” This for us is a serious challenge possibly owing to lack of gainful employment”. The Traditional Ruler urged the team of Senior Journalists visiting him to join in the vanguard in steming the negative act social media rascality has caused the Area.

HRM. Alhaji Saidu, advocated Government support towards building decayed or non existing infrastructure in most communities of Kogi Local Government, promised to engage the relevant authorities to take the passionate development of the Kingdom as a priority.

” One area of serious concern is the State of poverty of our people in Kogi LGA. I intend to reach out to Non governmental organizations towards tackling the issues. We intend to get some forms of guarantee for small scale businesses to be supported and to improve our people’s businesses”.

The traditional ruler praised the immediate past administration in the State for it efforts at development of the area, said “without sounding immodest, the administration made a lot of impact in the area of infrastructure. More however needs to be done in Kogi LGA that should not be left in the hands of Government alone but by all the concerned authorities, be it corporate organization, individuals as the case may be”.

The Ohimegye thanked the people for the support and cooperation they have shown since his assumption to the throne, urged them to come together and contribute their quota to the rebuilding and development of the Kingdom.

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