Okun Development Association (ODA) Reform Committee Set to Transform the Organization’s Operations and Structure

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The newly inaugurated National Executive Council of Okun Development Association has taken a significant step towards enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness by appointing Barr. (Chief) Shola Ojo as the Chairman of the Reform Committee. With a diverse group of members and a clear set of objectives, the committee is poised to drive meaningful reforms that will benefit the ODA and the Okun people it serves.

Comprising of individuals with expertise in legal matters, finance, governance, and community development, the Reform Committee is tasked with reviewing the current structure and operations of ODA and identifying areas for improvement. With a sense of urgency attached to the expected outcomes, the committee aims to deliver its proposed reforms to the President General within three months.

Key areas of focus for the committee include addressing weaknesses in the ODA’s structure and operations, conducting a comprehensive review of existing policies and procedures, assessing the roles of women, youth, and traditional institutions, and developing a detailed roadmap for financial commitment and involvement from all Community Development Associations across Okunland.

With a strong mandate, capable members, and a commitment to transparency and accountability, the Reform Committee under the leadership of Barr. (Chief) Shola Ojo is well positioned to drive impactful changes that will improve the ODA’s performance and impact on Okunland.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the Reform Committee as they work towards transforming the Okun Development Association for the betterment of the Okun people.

Amb. (Chief) Akenson Rotimi,
President General
Okun Development Association

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