Olaiya Michael Olobatoke, A man with Big God

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By Temibi Samuel

Before the primary election of PDP in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu, many people believe that the election of the house of reps will produce a winner among those who have been showing interest in the seat from the onset but something happened; a young and versatile man came up silently to win the ticket from the elders who have hitherto seen themselves as undefeatable in the game.

Some of them who have been promised the ticket for many years could not hide their disappointment and frustrations that immediately the winner was declared, some of them fainted, some out of annoyance and in pursuasion of their interests, defected to another party to forcefully hijack the ticket from those who have labored to entrench the party in the constituency causing them injury and pains. Many of them immediately declared their retirements from active politics; but OMO, a young man who is loved by God was unperturbed; since everything is working well for him even without struggling.

The primary election was widely adjudged to be the fairest and most transparent election ever recorded in the history of the constituency thus giving no room for electoral manipulation, that contradicts the primaries of the two major opposing parties, while one of the candidates hijacked the ticket through orchestrated arrangements, the other party does not have a candidate because the election was marred by the usual ta ta ta ta. You gerrit?

Fast forward after the ripples of the party primaries had been cleared off, the discerning people of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu who have seen the big GOD behind the young man,OMO, began to align themselves and key into the project of inclusive representation. One lesson I’ve learned in all of these is to always try and be good. If OMO had not been good, or if he had not been a man of proven credibility, he would not have had the chance of coming first since he is a new wine in the bottle, just like the popular saying that one with God is the majority. OMO is as big as his God, if you know him you’ll know that he is a colossus.

One thing we should all take note of is that the 2023 Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu House of representatives’ election will be a recap of what played out during the PDP primaries. Those that were flogged by OMO in PDP during the primary are the same set of people who have taken tickets of another party and now waiting for complete defeat; if OMO could beat them during the primary there’ll be no difference in the general election.

As calm as a dove, OMO has assumed a leadership position that’s considered incontestable by his contemporaries; this has made him to be a force to reckon with in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency. His penchant for community development has earned him honorary chieftaincy titles.

Come February 2023, the Otunba Atunluse of Ekinrin-Adde himself has braced up and is ready to shock his adversaries who have gathered but will soon scatter.

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