Olaiya Michael Olobatoke: The Zeal, Passion, and Preparation to Serve

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By Babajide Obafemi

The primaries of political parties have come and gone, living many aspirants as casualties of the primaries. Looking at what went down at various party primaries, you may argue less, if someone who had not witnessed many elections in his life told you that these primary elections were the most hugely and keenly contested, for big parties since the return of democracy in 1999, especially in Kogi state and, maybe across Nigeria.

For PDP, APC, and some other parties, you could literally hold the air in your palm, that was as hostile and charging the atmosphere was weeks preceding party primaries across the board. It was tense, then, the atmosphere was not friendly, aspirants and their supporters engaged in strategic planning and campaigns of calumny, every electioneering strategy was present, and vote buying was not left out of the game.

After the storm, comes the calm. As winners were declared, those who lost were left to either lick their wounds quietly or re-align. The desperate ones changed parties, in the want of being on the ballot paper at all cost, those who really want to serve aligned with like-minds who won their party primary.

Now, as we enter the seasons of campaigns, more hostilities will be seen, and more campaigns of calumny will be indulged in; but for us at the campaign team of Olaiya Michael Olobatoke (OMO), we will rather engage you on issues, we will make you see why our principal is the most “voteable”, we will allow you criticize us objectively while we respond constructively. And we will not insult your intelligence with smudge campaigns, we will not throw away competence, and vibrancy on the altar of rotation. Although we believe in rotational power sharing, but, we believe in a sincere one, not the self-seeking slogan stealing overused slogan being bandied around by the desperado!

Do you know that Olaiya Michael Olobatoke is the most competent, most agile, and most prepared, for the daunting task ahead? If you don’t know, let me update you about the man Olaiya Michael Olobatoke.

A graduate of the University of Ilorin, OMO was a students’ union leader while in Uni-Ilorin. Plus, he was also an active member of Kabba Students’ union where he contested for the KSU president then.

A grass-rooter, Otunba Olaiya has been with the people from the day he began politics as a young teenager, he has never crossed to any other party for no reason at all, he has remained in PDP come rain, come sunshine, he has weathered the storms with PDP, he believed in the party and it’s ideologies; please, verify.

The PDP candidate of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency is a young entrepreneur who is doing well in his business, despite the daunting economic challenges in the country. He is an employer of labour, a highly detrabalised Okun man, accessible and a man moved and concerned by his people’s situations and challenges. You can also verify these too.

Let us even play by the “emilokan” slogan. Do you know, that Olaiya Michael Olobatoke’s mother is from Aye-Gbedde in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State? Ask about a renowned and no-nonsense policeman nick-named “Kerekere”, then you rightly know his paternal grandfather. And if you don’t know, please, try and verify.

Chief Olaiya Michael Olobatoke while growing up, thronged the street of both Kabba-Bunu and Ijumu, his friends, associates, and acquaintances cut across the two local governments and beyond.

He is a competent personality whose aim of going to the green chamber is woven purely around humanity, he is a lobbyist and knowledgeable when it comes to moving motions that will move his constituency forward.

As we warm up to begin the campaigns, we shall continue to bring to you, reasons why you should sail with OMO’s candidacy. We shall also do a write-up series on his plan for the four years in the green chamber. Until then, please keep safe, keep hope alive for a brighter future for our constituency, and don’t be swayed by the calls to replace competency with rotation.

Support Olaiya Michael Olobatoke, support agility, ability, and capability.

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