Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke: A Lot of Man

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By Obafemi Babajide

Allow me the liberty to walk through your great minds with this little article, oblige me the use of some uncommon words, and please go through with an open mind so that the content will be comprehensible to you enough.

A few years back, 2018 if I can remember. The great pen master and mentor “oga” Sam Omatseye wrote an article about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu after his birthday colloquium which witnessed the gathering of so many eminent Nigerians in one hall; he titled the article “A lot of man.

After reading the article that year, I agreed that a man can be a lot by his actions and deeds, a man can be a lot by what he attracts not minding his age, status, economic power, financial war chest, and so on. Most times what a man attracts is as a result of how he behaves or carries himself Vis a Vis his inter-relations all over. In my mind, I concluded that although it is grammatically wrong, a person through his deeds can be referred to as a people.

Such is this friend turned kith and kin. Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke {OMO} is one man that is a lot. I have been fortunate to meet good Nigerians, I have met people whose work, walk, talk, and value-adding are top-notch, and I have equally met those whose heart of love is contagious. Without deodorizing, Olaiya embodies positivity, he radiates progressiveness and emits love by offering unusual help to those who sincerely need it.

This man who is a lot, sees no mountain as insurmountable, he views all challenges from a positive angle and he throws himself like an eagle into the middle of the windy storm, catapulting to the next level through the strength of such storm.

Olaiya Michael Olobatoke (OMO), is a raiser of men. He derives pleasure in the progress and well-being of others, at his age and level, he has been able to raise men who now defer to him as their chairman. His love for human capital development and empowerment stood him out, his knowledge of effective leadership and how to achieve infrastructural balances are all in a capsule and this amongst others is why he will be referred to as a lot and a people.

Aside from the fact that he is cerebral and has leadership qualities inbuilt in him, he knows what quality and life-transforming legislations mean to his people, he knows that regional development is the solution to all the nagging and re-occurring challenges the nation faces. He is also aware that unless a radical, sincere, and emergency approach is sought and given, the nation may continue to dance in a circus.

A detribalize Okun man who cuts across the party and the ethnic line is a potpourri and a blend of new wine in a new bottle. He blazes his trail in the business world with great diligence, focus and honesty, and an open-door policy.

A personification of grass to grace, a coordinated, meticulous philanthropist, and one who takes his people seriously no matter their class or affiliations is most qualified to be referred to as one person called a people. Truth is and truth be told, Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke [OMO} is a lot of man.

He can only display all these abilities and better the best of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency once voted to represent us at the green chamber in the next election. Let us put ourselves together and vote for Mr. Competence.

He is Objective, Meticulous, and Orderly. He is OMO.

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