Omala Local Government Area Passes Vote of Confidence on Hon. Umar Yahaya ‘Connect’ as Historic Cottage Hospital Project Begins

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By Odimayo Olatunde Fredrick

The people of Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State have passed a vote of confidence on the lawmaker representing the Constituency, Hon. Umar Yahaya popularly called connect.

The constituents, who were highly elated for the construction/equipping of Cottage hospital in Ogodu which is being financed by Hon. Yahaya said the Lawmaker has written his name in gold in the history of Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Thousand of Women, Youths, including the aged one’s who gathered in Ogodu districts which comprises of Olla, Ojiaji and Ogodu wards in preparation to welcome Umar Yahaya Connect disclosed that, the establishment of the cottage hospital will help to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the Local Government.

Speaking to journalists on Friday,
Hon. Daniel Zakari, a former supervisory councillor representing Ogodu district said ” There is a Man God has ordained. The Man that was born to rule and the right Man that was born to be in the position. We are talking of Umar Yahaya, the Lawmaker representing Omala State constituency.

“He is coming to pay us back for what we have done for him. We voted him, that is why thousands of people have gathered here to welcome him for the good work he has done in the last one year in Omala Local Government. All of us have gathered here to speak in one voice that it is Umar Yahaya we want.

“The lawmaker haven gotten over 2000 votes from this ward told us that he is coming back to associate and do more for his people which we are grateful to him. The establishment of a standard hospital by Hon. Umar Yahaya is a welcome development.

“This is what we never dreamt of in our history. We can’t wait for this historic development, that is why the celebration have kicked started today, a day before the official flag-off for the construction/equipping of the Cottage hospital in Ogodu.

“We want the world to note that the people of Ogodu districts are all excited, and grateful to almighty God for giving us the right Man. Omala has been in existence for many years and this is the first time we have received such laudable treatment from a Man who has the fear of God.

” He has the charisma, and he is someone who always keeps to his promises. That is why people can’t stop hearing his name”.

According to him, the people of Ogodu wards have witnessed high mortality rate due to the absence of good health care facilities in their community..

Explaining further he said “Alot of our people in the past have perished because of lack of quality health care services in Ogodu districts. But today, our dreams is coming true.

“It is what we have dreamt over the years. Before now, we don’t have a standard health care centers to cater for our health needs which has made us to loose hundreds of of our mother’s and other siblings. Hon. Umar Yahaya in his tenure is turning things around for the good of Omala Local Government Area of Kogi State”.

He tasked the lawmaker not to relent in his good work, stressing that, the Government should help provide good road network, provide electricity and empower the youths to reduce crime in Omala Local Government.

On his part, a community leader in Ogodu districts Hon. Omale Alfa, described the performance of the Omala Lawmaker in the last one year as very commendable adding that, other legislature should borrow a clue from him for better representation in the Country.

He said ” Hon. Umar Yahaya has been my mentor. When he developed the intention of contesting for house of Assembly, we went round with him. In that process, he promised so many things and today, he just spent a year and he has done more than what we expected compared to what we have in the past. As you can see, he has fulfilled his promises.

“In the past one year, he has empowered so many Youths, touched all the wards in Omala Local Government with his good work. He promised to do more, and we are not surprised with the construction and equipping of Cottage hospital in Ogodu districts. With his achievement so far, their is no vacancy in Omala State Constituency. It is Hon. Umar Yahaya all the way for continuity in the next eight years”.

A women leader in the community Aishetu Sule also expressed relief for Women as Cottage hospital will be built in Ogodu districts.

“Words alone can not expressed my immense gratitude to our leader and mentor Hon. Umar Yahaya for bringing Cottage hospital to our districts.

“Over the years, we have lost our loved ones due to lack of quality health care service. When our people are hit with serious sickness, we are usually referred to hospital in Anyigba or Lokoja for further treatment.

“Because of the distance, over 80 percent of our people lost their lives on the way. With this laudable initiative by our lawmaker, this sad experience will now be a thing of the past as qualified doctors are expected to work in this Cottage hospital in Ogodu districts. We will forever be grateful to him till eternity ” She added.

It was gathered that groups from Agbenyowa club, Arewa club, Adumu Youth and elders forum in Ogodu wards were all on ground to eulogize the Omala Lawmaker for his good work in his constituency.

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