Omotibaba, King Solomon set for a show down rally for PDP candidate, Dino Melaye in Ijumu

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Solomon Olowonawu, Dare Omotibaba, and a team of dedicated supporters are set to embarked on a mission to bring Dino Melaye’s Governorship campaign to every corner of Ijumu Arin and the extended areas of Ijumu Local Government in Kogi State.

The team believes that Dino Melaye is the best candidate to serve the citizens of Kogi State and bring about positive change in their lives.

Olowonawu, Omotibaba, and countless others will be taking to the streets, organizing rallies, town hall meetings, and door-to-door campaigns to spread the message of Dino Melaye’s vision for the state.

They firmly believe that Melaye’s experience, passion, and dedication to the people make him the ideal candidate for the position.

During the rally, the team will be emphasizing Melaye’s commitment to addressing the pressing issues that affect the people of Kogi State. They will also highlight his plans to improve healthcare facilities, provide quality education, boost the economy, and create job opportunities for the people.

The team also will be stressing Melaye’s track record of fighting for the rights of the common man, highlighting his previous achievements as a senator. They will also emphasize his advocacy for good governance, social justice, and accountability, which they believe will translate into effective leadership at the state level.

As plans for the campaign gains momentum, Olowonawu, Omotibaba, and their dedicated followers are confident that their grassroots efforts will generate enough support to propel Dino Melaye to victory. They are determined to bring about positive change in Kogi State, and firmly believe that Melaye’s leadership will serve the citizens better, ensuring a brighter future for the state.

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