ONA ARA Movement Founder, ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi, spreads love and goodwill to members globally, encourages acts of kindness this Valentine’s Day

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In a remarkable demonstration of love and solidarity, ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi, the brilliant mind behind the ONA ARA Movement, has extended heartfelt goodwill to all its members worldwide.

As Valentine’s Day is here, he has urged every member of the movement to take a cue from this gesture and spread love in their immediate environments.

The ONA ARA Movement, with its core values rooted in love, empathy, and community development, has always sought to make a positive impact. ESV Olugbenga Collins Rotimi, a visionary leader, believes that love should not only be celebrated but also shared with those around us.

Recognizing that Valentine’s Day is an occasion when affection and compassion reign, ESV Rotimi has charged the members of ONA ARA Movement to embrace the season and show love to people in their daily lives. From random acts of kindness to helping the less privileged, this movement strives to create a ripple effect of love and change.

The initiative has set an example for others, reminding the world that love knows no boundaries or limitations. As ONA ARA Movement members unite on this special day, love will undoubtedly permeate their lives and the communities they touch, making a significant impact on the world.

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