Osaseyi Foundation Cements a Collaboration with the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kogi State Branch

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In a meeting on the 15th of July, 2022, between Chairman/CEO Osaseyi Foundation and the Executive Members of the International Federation of Women Lawyers(FIDA), Kogi State branch,the Chairperson FIDA Kogi, Ajuma Lilian Okolo expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Mr Richard Osaseyi for taking out time from his busy schedule to meet with the association. She also stated that FIDA Kogi had heard and seen so much of the great works the Osaseyi foundation has been doing.From School scholarships, adult education, medical intervention, provision of portable water to communities, provision of food items to indigent households all in Kogi West and Kogi State at large. FIDA Kogi is truly inspired as the foundation is working in line with the main objective of FIDA which is the Protection, preservation and promotion of the rights of women and children.

The Chairperson proposed that with the kind approval of Mr. Richard Osaseyi, there should be a synergy between FIDA Kogi and the Osaseyi Foundation. This collective synergy will serve humanity on a larger scale as the two organizations have similar objectives. She pledged the unalloyed support and cooperation of FIDA Kogi and prayed for a productive and lasting collaboration and relationship.

Mr Richard Osaseyi in his response, reiterated that his Foundation’s mantra: “Giving is Living” was borne out of his upbringing and his strong belief that the more one gives, the more blessings one receives from God. He further stated that God’s design is for the privileged to spread their wealth to the underprivileged as the wealth should not be for self-aggrandizement.

He also applauded FIDA for their efforts in the protection of the girl child. He stressed that the rescue and protection of the girl child will reduce drastically the level of poverty and moral decay in the society at large.
“A damaged girl child will become a damaged mother who will in turn raise damaged children”- Mr Richard Osaseyi

The CEO/Founder Osaseyi Foundation, Mr. Richard Osaseyi, with immediate effect approved a collaboration between FIDA Kogi and the Osaseyi Foundation with a further pledge to assist FIDA in every way possible to achieve her objectives.

The Osaseyi Foundation continues to be a beacon of hope for the less privileged.

Osaseyi Foundation
15th July, 2022.

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  1. Bayekusi ola Francis

    I deeply appreciate Mr Richard Osaseyi for your help to humility my prayer for you is God protection….. continue in the journey


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