Osun PDP to Oyetola: Stop Disrespecting and Discrediting the Governorship Tribunal

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● Adeleke Reported Oyetola, APC to the Tribunal

● Adeleke Presents no Forged Certificate- Osun PDP

Press Release

Osun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused Governor Gboyega Oyetola and the All Progressives Congress (APC) of executing a concerted agenda to discredit the Osun State governorship tribunal through outright lies and misrepresentation of tribunal proceedings.

The PDP through one of its senior counsel, N.O. Oke has subsequently reported the APC to the Tribunal Chairman for lying about proceedings at the court. The Tribunal had proceeded to ask for those publications in response to the submission of the PDP counsel. Misrepresentation deserves necessary sanctions.

The party through its State Chairman, Dr Adekunle Akindele berated the APC for undermining the integrity of the judges by deliberately lying on common agreement reached by all counsels with the judges on how the proceedings should be conducted.

The Tribunal Chairman had from the beginning sought and secured the understanding of all counsels that objections to documents tendering should be reserved till the last day during addresses by parties. All respondents agreed to the request meaning that counsels can bring any document no matter how worthless but its merit or otherwise will be determined during the address stage.

It was in keeping with this agreement that the PDP did not object to all the worthless documents being submitted to the Tribunal. At the address stage, our team will knock out those so called documents tendered as they lack merit on all counts.

The Chairman affirmed that “all the documents being presented by the APC will not see the light of the day by the time the respondents take the stage for their addresses.

“Let me reaffirm that admission of the documents is not in anyway a confirmation of veracity of the contents. We all agreed that all sides can tender whatever they have. That was our agreement with the panel. What the Tribunal did in good faith is now being abused by the APC because it is more interested in media trial than just prosecution of its petition.

“The APC came up with many documents that are not even pleaded in their original submissions. They claim certificate forgery which we will dispel as Ademola Adeleke has certified certificates authenticated from all institutions he attended. The many lies APC is peddling is because it has no case against Senator Adeleke’s election as Osun state Governor-elect.

“It is indeed a disservice to the judiciary for the APC to go to town and misrepresent a common agreement. We did not object to those groundless documents because our turn is coming during address stage. APC is known for lies and that was one of the reasons why Osun people voted them out of office”,

Dr Adekunle reassured PDP supporters and people of Osun state that the electoral victory of Senator Ademola Adeleke is not shaking by the valueless submissions of the APC, declaring that ” as at today, it was APC that sought adjournment because it is aware all its lies will be demolished when we take the stage”

Akindele restated his submission that Senator Adeleke did not present any forged certificates as all his educational qualifications are original and bonafide.

” The APC and Mr Oyetola sent a team to the United States to investigate the certificates of Senator Adeleke. They found no smoking guns as all the schools confirmed our Governor-elect as their former student. APC is just chasing shadows.

“Our lawyers are on top of the case. Mr Oyetola has no case. He is defeated and he should relocate to Lagos or Iragbiji”, the party Chairman noted.

Dr Akindele Adekunle,
State Caretaker Chairman,
Osun State PDP.

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