Otunba Prince Jambright Sumanu refutes alleged defection, says “I remain a bonafide member of the PDP”

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Regarding the Baseless News of My Purported Defection

A Stewart of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Otunba Jambright Sumanu has reacted to the rumour of his alleged defection from the party and assures his supporters of his strong belief in the party asking them to disregard the unfounded faceless lie.

In a statement made available to the media, Prince Jambright wrote: “It has recently come to my attention that there are reports circulating online about my alleged defection from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). I would like to categorically state that these claims hold no truth whatsoever.

“I am both shocked and amused by these falsehoods, as they seem to have been concocted without any foundation or evidence. Let me assure you that I remain steadfast in my commitment to the PDP, a party I have devoted my time and energy to build.

“I urge all my supporters to disregard these baseless rumors. It is truly laughable that someone would assume the authority to announce my departure from a party that I hold so dear. Such declarations without any factual basis are simply intended to create confusion and sow seeds of discord.

“Please rest assured that the decision to leave the PDP, if and when it arises, will be communicated directly by me. I am not one to hide in the shadows; I am a leader, a political star who values transparency and openness.

“Political discourse should transcend party lines and be guided by a genuine desire to understand different perspectives. It is through these open conversation that we can challenge our own biases, broaden our horizons and foster a more inclusive and tolerant political environment

“In the face of these unfounded allegations, I urge you all to stand strong and resolute in our shared principles and vision. Let us not allow these rumors to tarnish the good name that we have worked so hard to build. As the saying goes, a good name is better than riches, and I refuse to let anyone tarnish mine.

“I would like to express my profound gratitude for your unwavering support and trust. Your belief in me and the values we stand for is what gives me the strength to face these challenges head-on. Together, we will overcome any hurdles that come our way.

“In conclusion, I want to reassure you that I am firmly aligned with the PDP and will continue working tirelessly for the betterment of our great party, our constituents, and our nation.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

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