Our governorship candidate is gender sensitive and will ensure gendal balance in governance-SDM Media

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The media team of the People’s Democratic Party candidate has assured that her candidate in the forthcoming November 11th governorship election, Senator Dino Melaye will ensure that the women fold will be represented and the interest of women will be prioritised.

According to the team, the governorship candidate has demonstrated gender sensitivity, even in his choice of Hadjia Habitat Deen as his governorship running mate.

“We want to assure kogites of his unwavering commitment to gender sensitivity and the pursuit of gender balance in governance.

Senator Dino Melaye’s dedication to ensuring equal representation and opportunities for all genders is truly commendable. In an era where women’s voices still struggle to be heard, he has emerged as a beacon of hope, championing the cause of gender equality in governance.

His commitment to creating a level playing field for women within the political sphere demonstrates his vision for a truly inclusive and representative government. By advocating for policies and initiatives that empower and uplift women, he is not only fostering a more just and equitable society but also harnessing the full potential of our collective talents and ideas.

His understanding of the importance of gender balance goes beyond mere rhetoric. His action-oriented approach, combined with his determination to tackle systemic barriers, instills confidence in everyone that tangible change is within reach. His campaign focuses not only on giving women a seat at the table but also on ensuring their perspectives are valued, their voices are amplified, and their concerns are addressed.

We therefore assure kogites, especially the female gender of our candidate’s dedication to gender equality and his unwavering resolve to create a future where no one is held back by gender bias. His leadership and commitment will serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the progress that can be achieved when we break down barriers and work together towards a more inclusive society.

We wish him the strength to continue his important work, the fortitude to overcome challenges, and the wisdom to lead with empathy and compassion, as we call on the electorates to give your massive support and give your votes to a remarkable candidate who is truly committed to ensuring gender balance in governance.

-SSM Media

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