Oworo Foundation Mourns the Loss of Beloved BOT Chairman, Elder Timothy S. Orungbami, mni

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The Oworo Foundation is in mourning after the loss of their beloved Board of Trustees Chairman, Elder Timothy S. Orungbami, mni. The foundation expressed their deep sadness as they commiserated with his family, especially Dr Yomi Orungbami of Federal University, Lokoja, and Mr Francis Femi Anlemi.

Elder Timothy, affectionately known as ‘Brother Timo’ by many, was described by the foundation as a rare gem in the Oworo community. He was revered for his humility, accessibility to all age groups, and openness to new ideas and changes. His genuine love and care, hard work, perseverance, honesty, and simplicity were qualities that left a lasting impression on all who knew him.

The foundation expressed gratitude for Elder Timothy’s leadership and the ethical standards he upheld during his time as the BOT Chairman. They vowed to carry on his legacy by emulating the ideals he lived by.

As the Oworo Foundation mourns the passing of Elder Timothy S. Orungbami, mni, they pray for his soul to rest in peace and for comfort to be granted to all those who knew and loved him.

Kolade Umoru,
Executive Secretary.

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