Pastor Dr Olayemi Celebrates God’s Faithfulness as He Retires from Service

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As Pastor Dr David Sunday Olayemi (JP) takes a reflective look back on his journey of faith and ministry, he is filled with gratitude and awe at the faithfulness of God in his life. Born and raised in the vibrant town of Aiyetoro-Gbede in Kogi State, Pastor Olayemi’s early years were marked by the love and care of his parents, who instilled in him values of faith and integrity.

His education journey began at Aiyetoro Primary School and continued through Aiyetoro-Gbede Senior School and Ekinrin-Adde Senior Primary. In 1964, Pastor Olayemi had a significant spiritual experience that propelled him into a deeper commitment to his faith and ministry. He was ordained as a Deacon at The Apostolic Church, Ekinrin-Adde Assembly, Kogi State, marking the beginning of his journey in serving the Lord.

In 1972, Pastor Olayemi embraced matrimony with Deaconess Felicia Omonale Olayemi, and together they have built a legacy of faith and love with their children. His calling and ministry continued to grow as he pursued pastoral education at The Apostolic Church Bible School in Ilesha, Osun State, graduating with a Grade “A” in 1975.

With each step in his ministerial journey, Pastor Olayemi’s dedication and diligence were evident, culminating in his ordination as a Pastor in 1976 and subsequent appointments as District Pastor, Apostle, and finally, Area Superintendent in 2009.

His tenure as Lokoja Area Superintendent was marked by significant achievements, from land acquisition and school revitalization to infrastructure repair and promotion of ministers.

Throughout his years of service, Pastor Olayemi has been known as a man of wisdom, prayer, and courage, always ready to help those in need and nurture the next generation of leaders. His legacy is one of faithfulness to the Lord and dedication to serving others, leaving an indelible mark on the lives he has touched.

As Pastor Dr Olayemi celebrates his retirement from active service, he looks back with gratitude for the faithfulness of God in every step of his journey. His memoir, “The Journey of Faith,” is a testament to the grace and mercy that have guided him through a lifetime of service to the Lord.

May his retirement be a time of rest and reflection, knowing that his legacy will continue to inspire and impact many for years to come.

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