Kogi 2023:PDP Deputy Governorship Candidate Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs) Mobilizes Women for Support in Groundbreaking Move

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In a groundbreaking move to promote gender equality in politics, Hon Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Deputy Governorship candidate, has called on women across the state to rally behind the PDP candidate. Her call comes as the candidate has shown a remarkable display of gender sensitivity by appointing a woman as his deputy.

Speaking at a gathering recently, Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs), passionately urged women not to underestimate the significance of the PDP candidate’s choice for a woman as his running mate. This move, according to her, represents a strong commitment towards leveling the playing field for women in politics.

“By appointing a woman as his deputy, our candidate has shown his unwavering commitment to support and empower women in our society,” Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs), enthusiastically expressed to the attentive gathering of women from different sectors. “I urge all the women of this great state to rally behind our candidate and ensure that we support him to achieve victory in the upcoming elections.”

Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs), further assured the women that if elected, she would utilize her position to ensure that both women and youth are given a notable voice in the administration. She highlighted the importance of their active participation in decision-making processes for the betterment of the state. She emphasized that engaging women and youth would bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and unique solutions to the challenges faced by the state.

“I am here today, not just because I am a woman, but because I strongly believe that women have an important role to play in the development of our state,” the Deputy Governorship candidate said. “When we have more women involved in governance, we will witness greater inclusivity, fairness, and progress. We will work towards reducing gender disparities and increasing opportunities for women and young people to thrive in every sector.”

The Deputy Governorship candidate’s call for support was met with overwhelming applause and a sense of enthusiasm among the women in attendance. Many of them commended the PDP candidate for his inclusive approach, which has given women a greater platform to contribute to the state’s development.

The PDP Deputy Governorship candidate also called on women to mobilize across the state and advocate for women-centered policies and initiatives, highlighting the importance of active involvement in the political process. She pledged to create platforms that would allow women to showcase their skills, knowledge, and expertise, thus highlighting the invaluable contributions they can make to society.

As the state prepares for the forthcoming elections, the call by Hon Hajiya Habiba Muhammed Deen (Mrs) for women to support the PDP candidate reflects a significant step in promoting gender equality in politics. The meeting served as a platform to galvanize women, inspiring them to actively participate in the political landscape to create a more inclusive state administration.

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