PDP Governorship Candidate, Dino Melaye Visits Kwara State, Urges Kogi Indigenes’ Support for Unity and Development

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In an effort to foster unity and garner support for the upcoming Kogi State governorship election, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Senator Dino Melaye, paid a visit to Kogi State indigenes leaving in Kwara State.

With a message of unity and progress, Melaye emphasized the need for all citizens to unite for the development and growth of the state.

During the visit, Dino Melaye warmly interacted with Kogi indigenes residing in Kwara State. In his address, he stressed the significance of solidarity and harmony amongst all citizens of Kogi, regardless of their ethnic background. Notably, he highlighted that a particular tribe within the state is not a “bad tribe,” drawing from his personal experience of having schooled in the area.

Addressing the crowd, Dino Melaye expressed his concerns over the incumbent governor’s leadership style, calling it a personal approach that has hindered the progress of the state. However, he urged the people not to judge the entire tribe based on one individual’s actions, emphasizing that unity should prevail over divisive tactics.

“My fellow Kogi indigenes, let us stand together as one united family. It is imperative that we look beyond tribe or ethnicity and focus on the common goal of progress and development for our beloved state,” Melaye stated passionately.

Furthermore, the governorship candidate emphasized the need for a government that prioritizes the welfare and aspirations of all Kogi citizens. He promised to promote inclusivity, fairness, and good governance when he is elected as the next governor of Kogi State.

The visit also provided an opportunity for him to rally support from Kwara State indigenes, urging them to rally behind his candidacy and join forces for a better future for Kogi State. He further encouraged them to engage with their family, friends, and acquaintances back home, emphasizing the power of grassroots mobilization and community involvement in the electoral process.

As the campaign trail gains momentum, Dino Melaye remains steadfast in his conviction to foster unity and bring about positive change in Kogi State. With a passionate plea for a united front, he believes that it is only through shared goals and collective efforts that progress and development can be achieved.

The governorship election in Kogi State is slated for 11th November, 2023.

-Team SDM Media

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