PDP Okedayo Ward Suspends Youth Leader for Anti-Party Activities and Revokes Membership

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In a shocking turn of events, the executive of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Okedayo Ward, Kabba-Bunu local government area of Kogi State, along with party stakeholders, have jointly decided to suspend the youth leader Mr. Emmanuel Olukayode Eseyin on account of gross anti-party activities. As per a formal notice, the youth leader’s membership with the party in the ward has been revoked.

The decision, which was made after careful deliberation and in accordance with the party’s constitution, comes as a response to the youth leader’s sustained involvement in activities that were detrimental to the PDP’s interests. Multiple instances of the youth leader deviating from the party’s principles and consistently working against its goals were brought to the attention of the ward executive. Consequently, they felt compelled to take immediate disciplinary action.

While details regarding the nature of the anti-party activities committed by the youth leader have not been fully disclosed, party insiders claim that his actions consistently created dissent within the ranks of the PDP. This may affect the unity, harmony, and overall progress of the ward.

The ward executive and stakeholders underscored their commitment to safeguarding the principles and integrity of the PDP. They emphasized their obligation to weed out any detrimental elements that could disrupt harmony within the party’s structure.

Speaking on the suspension and revocation of membership, the ward executive chairman, Mr. Godwin Abejirin, stressed the necessity of accountability and discipline among party members. He stated, “Our party relies on the collective efforts and commitment of all our members. Those who choose to work against our values and objectives will face appropriate consequences. We stand united against any actions that could undermine the PDP’s credibility and reputation.”

The ward executive has nullified any and all appointments he held within the party structure, making it clear that his political influence within the ward has been extinguished.

Meanwhile, sources within the ward executive reveal that plans are already underway to fill the void left by the youth leader’s suspension. The PDP ward executive, along with key stakeholders, are expected to appoint an interim replacement who will ensure continuity in the youth leadership role until fresh elections can be organized.

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