PDP to APC: We are Protecting People’s Mandate from Habitual Electoral Armed Robbers

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***Says Adeleke, PDP Hold Judiciary in High Esteem

Press Release

Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has carpeted the state’s All Progressive Congress (APC) for questioning a home owner who mounts water tight surveillance against perpetual robbers lurking around his property.

The statement signed by the State Caretaker Chairman of the party, Dr Adekunle Akindele reads as follows:

It is strange that known robbers enjoying state protection still possess the temerity and the audacity to accuse the landlords for observing a protective vigil while under a concerted threat from a kingpin who is notorious for his daylight burglary in recent past. It is even more puzzling when those gang leaders openly ask the homeowners to go to sleep.

We read with amusement the APC’ statement. Let the defeated Governor and his party know that we are not in anyway paranoid or worried. As the legitimate mandate holder, we are fully set and prepared to assume the governorship on November 27, 2022. In the interim, we are only doing what a homeowner will do – secure your property at all cost from a gang of shameless felons. It is not a crime to engage in democratic self defence.

The whole world knows the APC for it dare devil electoral subversion from Osun 2018 election to several other ones. As a victim of 2018 electoral robbery, we are committed to democratic vigilance to retain and sustain the governorship mandate of Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Aside its record of illegally overturning peoples’ will, the APC is also variously culpable in the destabilisation of opposition parties through recruitment of insider agents. This was recently manifested in the Babayemi’s case which has all the trademark of APC’s hatchet job. So APC has always put fire in other peoples’ houses and it is the duty of home owners to transform to fire fighters and civil police against electoral theft.

The PDP as the winner of July 16 election has a sacred duty to expose and thwart all anti-people plots to subvert the will of the people including raising alarm on the recruitment of fifth columnists within state institutions to execute hatchet jobs.

As a political party declared winner with an overwhelming majority in a globally, highly rated election, we are resolved to stop the APC widely known for its records of electoral banditry, from corrupting deploying and manipulating state apparatus in pursuance of its nefarious agenda.

● Adeleke, PDP Hold Judiciary in High Esteem

We also want to put it on records our acknowlegdment of Osun judiciary as an institution composed of professionally upright men and women of integrity who upholds the norms of judicial life and who protect their integrity every step of their conduct.
We particularly appreciate the contributions to state governance and democratic stability of the judicial leadership from our amiable Chief Judge of Osun State to other top leaders of the bench. We restate our confidence in their passion, capacity and focus to ensure democratic stability and upholding of judicial integrity.

Unlike APC that is actively undermining the judiciary especially the ongoing governorship Tribunal, the PDP is neither engaging in media trial nor misrepresenting judicial proceedings. The party has conducted itself every inch as a responsible partner in the judicial process.

In line with our commitment to defend and retain our governorship mandate, we have a responsibility to cooperate in a bid to ensure seamless transition on November 27th.

In the task of securing electoral outcome, the PDP is a positive partner to the judiciary and other democratic forces. As the society wages war against Trumpists in Abere Government House, PDP respects and holds the judiciary in highest esteem in our defence of democracy against a band of election deniers.

Dr Akindele Adekunle,
State Caretaker Chairman,
Osun State PDP.

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