Pomsy: Celebrating A Quintessential Jewel, Olubunmi Elizabeth Funsho Olumoko At 50

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Birthday memorial describes a moment of renewal, approval of a new beginning and a moment of reflection. Usually, for many people, it is a moment of agenda setting, reconciliation and renewing hope. While for others it’s a moment of optimism, counting successes, pouring champagne and hanging out with friends and families in best recreational spots around the world.

At various point in ones’ life, when there’s life then, “What more can we really ask from God?. Greatness?, favour?, prosperity?, blessings and more?”. All these are privileges that are unaffordable even by price (riches), character, righteousness, entitlement, just think of it!, but by his grace and above all, by his mercy.

Indeed, a day like this provides us with sweet memories and reflection of great things God has done in our lives. God, so merciful, gracious, kind and eternal. If power to make alive is within the reach of man, then, the most influential and powerful in the society would have make sure the weak ones have no affordable means to live.

But thank God for the testimony of his ‘mercy’ and banner of his love upon us. His heart for us is conceivably large, long and deep. And his ‘grace’ over us is inexplicably boundless, huge and without latitude, scope or authorization.

Today’s birthday celebration will journey in the anal of history, as it mark a nostalgic reminisces, profound and memorable for Hon. Funsho Ekundayo Olumoko, who in his innermost heart proceed an unlimited joy for how thus far, God has been merciful to his golden jewel, Mrs Olubunmi Elizabeth Funsho Olumoko.

A woman for all, her incredible impact reverberate a watershed in the threshold of history as Hon. Olumoko described her with a reminisce of an, and as an omnipotent.

As she makes a toast into the voyage of history in her exotic golden age. No doubt, Hon. Olumoko is the most happiest man to have a moment like this in his life time to count successes, blessings and reflect into the labour of sacrifice, devotion of love and hands-on support “Pomsy” as she’s fondly called has offered to the growth and development of the family at large.

An amazing mother, whose love to the family and friends is considered dutiful. A dedicated and prayerful woman, who has demonstrated in immeasurable time, a commitment to make her husband stands out. Courageous, sterling, goal-getter, virtuous and resourceful.

A woman with extreme repository. Knitted, refined and self-redefined wife of our revered leader, mentor and pillar of support, Hon. Funsho Ekundayo Olumoko. Mrs Olubunmi is exceptionally very profound and industrious. An Alluring trailblazer with a unique unifying ebullience. A woman with uncommon candour, potential and supportive.

As we celebrate her on this day, we join her numerous well-wishers to celebrate with the entire Olumoko’s family on the auspicious occasion of their illustrious wife on her birthday. Happy birthday to you ma. You shall celebrate many more years in excellent health and prosperous endeavors! Mrs. Olubunmi Elizabeth Funsho Ekundayo Olumoko. More grace!!!

Martins Mejabi writes.

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