Positive Impact: Governor Yahaya Bello’s Achievements in Kogi State Applauded by DG KGSPMA

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Director General Kogi State Projects Monitoring Agency (KGSPMA) Alh (Dr) Taufiq A. Isa commends Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello on all aspects of Governance.

Governor Yahaya Bello the Executive Governor of Kogi State emphasized the importance of mentorship and human development. He recognized that effective leadership requires continuous learning and personal growth, he actively promoted these principles and ideologies.

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello my Mentor as the Executive Governor of Kogi State implemented various programs and initiatives aimed at mentoring, building leaders and fostering their developments through comprehensive leadership training workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs where experienced leaders mentored and guided younger individuals in positions of authority. The goal was to enhance their leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities.

I eulogies Governor Yahaya Bello remarkable and legacy achievements in areas such as

  1. Human Development.
    Governor Yahaya Bello created a culture of continuous improvement and professional development in his administration. He believed that investing in the growth and development of the youths and followers would not only benefit them individually but also contribute to the overall progress and effectiveness of his administration.
    I Hon (Dr) Taufiq A. Isa and many others too numerous to mention are beneficiary of this wonderful gesture of his Excellency. under the leadership and mentorship of his Excellency I served as the Caretaker Chairman of Ijumu and ALGON Chairman Kogi State, SSA Security to Ijumu Local Government, I also Served as the Elected Chairman of Ijumu. today I Hon Dr Taufiq Isa is the Director General Kogi State Projects Monitoring Agency.
  2. Education: Governor Yahaya Bello’s efforts in the education sector have resulted in notable improvements. These include initiatives such as improving access to quality education, enhancing infrastructure in schools, promoting teacher training and development, and implementing policies to increase enrollment and retention rates.
  3. Security: The governor’s focus on security is crucial for maintaining peace and stability within the state all through his tenure by implementing strategies to combat crime, enhancing the capacity and efficiency of law enforcement agencies, and promoting community engagement to enhance security.
  4. Health: Governor Bello’s initiatives in the health sector have contributed to improvements in healthcare delivery. This include upgrading healthcare facilities, increasing access to medical services, implementing health insurance programs, and prioritizing public health initiatives.
  5. haven recognized the importance of Infrastructural developments as an essential aspect for economic growth and improving the quality of life for citizens. Governor Bello’s efforts in this area have encompass the construction and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, public transportation systems, electricity and water supply networks, and other critical infrastructural projects.
  6. Governance: Alhaji Taufiq Isa commendation of Governor Bello’s governance suggests that he has demonstrated effective leadership and management skills. This involved transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, and the implementation of policies that promote good governance practices.

Hon (Dr) Taufiq A. Isa
Director General
Kogi State Projects Monitoring Agency.

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