PYU disowns Irene Onwuka’s purported election as Vice President, W/Africa

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The Pan African Youth Union (PYU) has vehemently denied recent claims circulating in some media platforms regarding the supposed election of Ms. Irene Onwuka as Vice President of West Africa.

In a statement issued by Wiisichong Bening Ahmed, the Secretary General of PYU, the union labelled these assertions as completely baseless and lacking any credibility.

The PYU strongly condemned what it terms an unethical attempt to mislead the public and has called upon the individuals responsible for spreading these false claims to cease their actions immediately.

According to the PYU, the position of Vice President for West Africa is not vacant, as it is currently held by Mr Oladele John NIHI from Nigeria, who was elected during the last congress held in Niamey, Niger Republic.

Members, stakeholders, partners, and the general public have been urged by the PYU to disregard any announcements or reports suggesting Irene Onwuka’s purported election.

The union remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for the rights and development of African youth through collaboration, structured programs, and empowerment initiatives.

For accurate information regarding the PYU and its activities, individuals are advised to refer only to the union’s official communication channels or publicly disseminated publications by the office.

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