Rector of Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu, Prof. John Emaimo, highlights infrastructure deficit and inadequate funding as major impediments to the college’s growth during the pre-convocation press briefing

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In a press briefing held yesterday, Prof. John Emaimo, the esteemed Rector of the Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu, shed light on the impressive achievements and bold vision of the college. However, he also spoke passionately about the challenges that continue to hinder its progress.

Despite the college’s commitment to excellence in both academics and the healthcare sector, infrastructure deficiency and insufficient funding remain as substantial obstacles. Prof. John Emaimo emphasized that these challenges have significantly slowed down their rapid pace of progress.

“While we have made significant strides by constructing numerous modern classrooms and offices for our staff and students, our efforts are still falling short,” Prof. Emaimo stated. “We are determined to provide a conducive atmosphere for our students to learn, yet the infrastructure deficit persists.”

Of particular concern is the inability to access the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), a source of vital financial assistance for educational institutions. “As a federal institution, we expected automatic eligibility,” said Prof. Emaimo. “Sadly, several attempts to secure TETFUND support have been unsuccessful, leaving us with a major setback.”

Against the backdrop of these challenges, Prof. Emaimo made a passionate appeal to the appropriate authorities and education enthusiasts who envision the revolution the college is spearheading. He called on them to come to the aid of the Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu and help bridge the existing gaps in manpower development in both the health and education sectors.

“We urge all individuals, philanthropists, and organizations who share our commitment to exclusive manpower development to support our quest,” Prof. Emaimo appealed. “Your involvement will be instrumental in overcoming the hurdles we face and fostering the desired revolution in healthcare and education.”

The plea from Prof. John Emaimo is a clarion call for support, emphasizing the need for strengthened infrastructure and increased funding. The Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu is poised for greatness, but without assistance, the realization of its irresistible vision may be at stake. It is a call that resonates not only with the Enugu community, but with anyone who values education and recognizes its transformative power in building a better society.

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