Regardless of the election results, SDM remains the most qualified and will always stand tall-Oluwaseyi Ibileke

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In the world of politics, there are two powerful motivators that push people to vote – hope and fear. The conservative approach often leans towards fear, emphasizing that life will worsen if certain causes or parties are not supported. On the other hand, the progressive approach is fueled by hope, believing that life can improve with specific measures or candidates in office.

Both impulses play a role in shaping the choices of voters, but for some, one outweighs the other. As a politician, you, DINO, have the opportunity to offer hope to those who seek it, while also tapping into the fears of those who see only problems. This, in itself, is a delicate balance that requires great skill and strategizing.

Many, including myself, firmly believe that you were the right person for the job. We are confident that despite the outcome of this election, we will witness greater news regarding your successes in the future. Your dedication and hard work throughout the campaign deserve applause. Rather than viewing this as a loss, see it as a small roadblock on your path to even greater achievements in life. Your journey to the top of success is inevitable, and we eagerly await your ascent.

The key to victory lies in your ability to stay in the game, never giving up. It’s about forging ahead with unwavering enthusiasm and passion, even in the face of challenges. This is what sets winners apart from those who simply throw in the towel and stop trying altogether.

Wishing you the very best, my SDM!

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