SDP Kogi West Campaign Council Secretary Commends lawyers as he encourages Supporters, Assures Victory Will Prevail

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In a show of unwavering strength and determination, the Secretary of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Kogi West campaign council, Hon. Abayomi Bello, has commended the steadfastness of the supporters of Muritala Yakubu Ajaka, the party’s governorship candidate. Despite a setback in the recent tribunal judgement, Hon. Bello assured supporters that the battle is far from over.

Addressing a crowd of supporters outside the court premises, Hon. Bello expressed confidence in the legal team’s ability to appeal the tribunal judgement. “Though the victory delays, it will surely come,” he affirmed. He commended the efforts put in by the lawyers thus far and remained optimistic about reclaiming the mandate.

“It is natural for everyone to feel pained by the judgement of the tribunal,” Hon. Bello acknowledged. However, he urged supporters to stay resilient and not be discouraged by this temporary setback. “There is light at the end of the tunnel,” he reassured.

Hon Abayomi Bello praised Alhaji Murtala Ajaka for his unwavering determination in pursuing justice despite facing numerous obstacles and temptations to give up. He described Alhaji Murtala Ajaka as a detribalized individual who prioritizes the well-being of all residents of Kogi State.

The Secretary of the SDP Kogi West campaign council encouraged supporters to remain united and focused on the ultimate goal of reclaiming the mandate. “Victory will be achieved, and the mandate will surely be reclaimed,” he affirmed, ending his speech with a resounding call for continued support and solidarity.

As the battle for justice continues, supporters of Muritala Yakubu Ajaka remain hopeful and determined, guided by the words of Hon. Abayomi Bello that victory will prevail in the end.

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