SENATOR DINO MELAYE The Ideal Choice for Kogi Governor in 2024

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In an age when skill is a mere commodity, it becomes useful to look at a person who led a rich life without the traditional trappings of success. A man whose career path began with an image less visible in 2007 becomes one of the most versatile and outstanding Nigerian lawmaker who ever lived.
Few persons have made their rise to fame in such a dramatic manner and revolutionary way such as Dino Melaye. A figure known as the ‘trail blazer’ in political circles. This is one politician that has created an enigma that has rivaled groups for over a decade.
High profile publicity has surrounded him throughout his career as law maker, brought upon by his ever changing personas, appearance and deep seated sense of accomplishment. Pushing through barriers especially at the early part of his career, this man became a source of intrigue to many people.


Dino Melaye has lived a life that has constantly brought him to identifying with the people, the mass of the Nigerian society. His undying love and passion for the struggle to uplift the life of the ordinary citizens wont let him engage in any other profitable venture but activism. His position within the civil liberties organization is enormous.
He led the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), and later became the Secretary-General of African Youth Council and then that of the Commonwealth Youth Council.
Time is of God, the inventor of man’s destiny. Dino Melaye, though from a humble background and of little means, drifted to a life of activism and student unionism. A venture he successfully managed to expansion and bloom. He was eventually appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo to chair the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.
Senator Dino Melaye started the occupy Nigeria struggle in 2012 that eventually spread across Nigeria. His struggles for the improvement of the conditions of service of Kogi state civil servants under Governor Yahaya Bello and how the Governor’s sponsored thugs went round to burn and vandalize school buildings and other community projects he encouraged and established for people of his community. Indeed Dino Melaye has always been a man of the people. His, is a persona that is greatly missed everywhere he has touched by his followers.


In the upcoming gubernatorial elections in Kogi State, one name stands out as a beacon of hope and positive change for the people: Senator Dino Melaye.
One of the considered greatest assets that the man Dino Melaye possess is his ability to arouse enthusiasm among people and the ability to develop the best that is in people using appreciation and encouragement.
With a proven track record of effective leadership, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to the welfare of his constituents, Dino Melaye remains the ideal candidate to lead Kogi State into a prosperous and promising future.
As a Senator, he was one of the few that illuminated the senate chambers with his in-depth analysis of issues whenever he is contributing at plenary.
Dino is very passionate about issues concerning his constituency and was always ready to point out any exclusion of his zone in any appointment.
He boasts an impressive resume of legislative accomplishments in his demonstration of his ability to advocate for the rights and the needs of the people.
A very sincere and mature family man whose reasoning is not coloured by indiscrete political affiliation, he stood himself as a senator without blemish.
Eloquent, tactful and always approachable, many have described Dino Melaye who has been elected twice to the Senate and House of Representatives as a man who brought vibrancy to the legislature and for that, he was adjudged the best legislator for three consecutive years.
He was the legislator with the highest number of bills that had direct bearing to the lives of the ordinary citizens. His contributions to various bills and motions have had a positive impact on diverse sectors; these include healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.
He has over 200 constituency projects spread across his immediate constituency.
As lawmaker, he was found worthy in knowledge and character to attract the rare privilege of being appointed chairman of two grade A committees of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Aviation and FCT); represented the Senate at the Global Anti-corruption Summit in Switzerland; represented the Nigerian Senate in St. Petersburg, Russia on International Convention on Global Warming where his presentation received a standing ovation.
He represented Nigeria in Chicago on the personal invitation of the highly regarded Rev. Jesse Jackson and delivered the keynote address at the Black Caucus Assembly.
Senator Dino Melaye co-sponsored the Freedom of Information Bill that was signed into Law.
One of the most remarkable things Dino has ever achieved in his life and for the masses of the Nigerian society is his sponsorship of the Bill that ended the refusal by hospitals in Nigeria to treat patients with bullet wounds but to save lives first.
Highly cerebral, he has survived over 12 court cases aimed at silencing him, four assassination attempts that resulted in eight casualties for his fight for justice.
Senator Dino Melaye made history by surviving the first INEC-conducted recall attempt in Nigeria which failed even while he was in incarceration as only a paltry 5% of the registered voters supported the recall while 44% abstained and 51% against.
He won his 2019 re-election bid in-spite of the aggressive resistance by a sitting governor of the state and opposition President.
He has chains of degrees from acclaimed Universities in the world including the prestigious Harvard University, USA.
He is widely travelled with a broad network of friends, associates across the business world and governments.
It is evidently clear that Senator Dino Melaye is a socialite with connections across the globe that will impact Kogi State positively.


One of the key pillars of Senator Dino Melaye’s political agenda is empowering the people of Kogi State. Looking through his career as lawmaker, it is evident that he has been a champion for social justice, ensuring that the marginalized and vulnerable populations are heard and supported. He has initiated numerous empowerment programs, providing skills training and financial assistance to the youth, women, and rural communities. His vision of a more equitable society aligns with aspirations of the people of Kogi State.

  1. Infrastructure and Economic Development: Senator Dino Melaye understands that a robust infrastructure is the backbone of economic growth. He has outlined comprehensive plans to revitalize and expand critical infrastructure in Kogi State, including roads, health care facilities, and schools. By attracting investment and creating a conducive business environment, he aims to stimulate economic growth and provide more job opportunities for the citizens.
  2. Proven Passion for Good Governance: Senator Dino Melaye’s passion for good governance is evident in his unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability and efficiency. He has consistently spoken out against corruption and mismanagement of public funds, advocating for a government that serves the people’s interests above all else. With Dino at the helm, Kogi State can look forward to an administration that prioritizes the well-being and development of its citizens.
  3. Inclusivity and Unity: He has a remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life. His charisma, approachability, and inclusive approach to governance make him the ideal leader to unite the diverse communities within Kogi State. By fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration, he will create an environment where every citizen’s voice is heard, leading to greater harmony and progress for the State.
    In conclusion, Senator Dino Melaye’s candidacy represents a beacon of hope for Kogi State. With his vast experience, commitment to empowerment, vision for infrastructure development, and passion for good governance, he embodies the qualities needed to lead the state to a brighter future.
    As the 2024 elections draw near, the people of Kogi State have an opportunity to elect a leader who truly understands their needs and aspirations. Senator Melaye is the Kogi Governor we deserve, and his leadership promises to transform the state into a model of progress and prosperity.

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