Senator Dino Melaye, The Man Who Saw The Danger Ahead and Warned Nigerians

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By Gbenga Bright

While Nigerians generally entered into another version of Buhari’s regime eight months ago, the experience and taste of governernace has been very sour, miffed, chocking, suffy and unpalatable.

In fact, it is safe to say it is another form of Buhari regime, even more dangerous under a short period. Surprisingly, an excruciating pains, suffering, hunger and femine commenced immediately Chief Emilokan administration took the mantle of leadership.

Those who study the situation well knew that it will only take the grace of almighty God and purposeful leadership for Nigerians not get a relief.

A politically savvy Nigerian and an apostle of good governance, Dino Melaye yelled and warned us to be wary of a continuity of Buhari led APC govt. We are currently in the highest form of Buharism.

Sen Dino Melaye from his accurate perception carefully warned Nigerians about the promotion of cluelessness and incompetence, but many at that time felt it was just a politically oppositional call or warnings, here we are today.

Reality is out in its embarrassing nakedness. Hunger is now the order of the day. From one terrible happenings to another tragedy. People can no longer feed themselves much more their loved ones including dependants. The current economic hardship renders some supposed head of house to ordinary house member due to economic chains.

According Senator Dino, while carpeting the past administration before the 2023 Presidential election, anyone who survives the Buhari-led government must be given certificate of survival. Why are these people still coming out to campaign? There will be no Nigeria if APC returns. Nigeria will become another Somalia if the ruling party wins in 2023.

Where are we now? The former presidential spokesperson of PDP campaign council cautioned Nigerians against returning APC, because he saw the danger ahead and cautioned accordingly. Unfortunately, it is no longer a matter of joke but a reality in the eye of the masses as everywhere is now painted in hunger. In local Nigerian parlance; (everywhere red)

Painfully, on one side, Nigerians are battling with the pains of insecurity that dotted every zone dangerously. No one has answers as to how we suddenly get to this terrible point under few months. From food insecurity to lives and property insecurity, corruption with impunity to a very negative economy, and from unimaginable inflation to an unprecedentedly low in powers to purchase goods and services. This is a burden too heavy for Nigerians to bear!

We seems to have overtaken Somalia, for instance; Somalia economy is runned based on agriculture, however, the main economic activity is not crop farming but livestock raising.

Somalia is widely considered to have immense economic potential from its agricultural and aquaculture sectors, but insecurity and other challenges, such as the humanitarian crisis stemming from the climate crisis, hampering efforts to achieve great potential.

According to the World Bank, its Gross Domestic Product is forecast to rebound to 2.8 per cent this year and increase to 3.7 percent in a later part of the year.

Here in Nigeria, the theoritically acclaimed giant of Africa is blessed with both in agriculture, crude oil and other mineral resource to be harnessed for the goods and betterment of the people and the country, we failed woefully due to bad leadership and governernace.

As noted by Sen. Dino Melaye before the 2023 Presidential election, “Instead of APC to come out and say sorry to Nigerians, they are campaigning for continuity.” That is why we are calling on all Nigerians to put on their thinking cap. We must pray, vote and protest the ruling party out of power.

Now, they have gotten power, Nigerians have gotten hunger. “From renewed hope to renewed poverty.” The somaliazation of Nigeria is here, only good and credible leadership can reverse it.

~Gbenga Bright

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