Stakeholder in Power Sector, Iselewa Commends Team Ashiru Asiwaju Think Plartform for Commitment to Development in Kogi State

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Engr. Iselewa Oluwaseyi, a member of Team Ashiru Asiwaju Thinks Platform and a prominent stakeholder in the power sector, has expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the leadership of the team and the Honorable Commissioner of Finance and National Planning, Ashiwaju Ashiru, for their unwavering commitment to serving the people of Kogi State.

In a recent engagement with stakeholders in Abuja, Engr. Oluwaseyi shared his expertise in the power sector and commended the team’s efforts for aligning with the needs of the sector. He specifically thanked Commissioner Ashiwaju Ashiru for his tireless efforts in promoting economic growth and development in Kogi State, stating that his leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the state’s financial and economic landscape.

As a professional in the power sector, Engr. Oluwaseyi put forward several recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of power generation, transmission, and distribution in Kogi State. These recommendations include conducting a thorough assessment of existing power infrastructures, identifying areas of improvement, exploring public-private partnerships, developing a training program for power sector professionals, and establishing a maintenance culture.

“I believe that these recommendations, if implemented, will significantly improve the power sector in Kogi State and enhance the lives of our people,” Engr. Oluwaseyi stated. His dedication to the development of the state and his proactive approach in offering solutions to power sector challenges reflect the commitment of Team Ashiru Asiwaju to the progress and prosperity of Kogi State.

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