Strategic Alliance for Security: Hon. Muktar Atimah Vows to Bolster NSCDC Support in Kogi State

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The Executive Secretary of Kogi State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Hon. Muktar Atimah, paid a visit to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) commandant in Lokoja, promising collaboration with the security agency. Hon. Atimah expressed his commitment to working together to ensure the safety and security of the people of Kogi State.

During the visit, Hon. Atimah highlighted the importance of cooperation between SEMA and NSCDC in achieving their common goal of protecting lives and properties. He emphasized the need for a cohesive approach in tackling security challenges in the state.

In response, the NSCDC commandant, Mr. P.O IGWEBUKE, commended Hon. Atimah for his proactive stance and willingness to work hand in hand with the security agency. He expressed his readiness to collaborate with SEMA and welcomed the idea of a joint effort to enhance security measures in Kogi State.

The meeting between Hon. Muktar Atimah and the NSCDC commandant signals a promising partnership between the two agencies, aimed at strengthening security and emergency response operations in the state. With a united front, they are poised to make a significant impact in maintaining peace and stability in Kogi State.

As Hon. Atimah and Mr. IGWEBUKE join forces, the people of Kogi State can look forward to a safer and more secure environment under their collaborative efforts.

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