Taking Back the Streets: Hon Haruna Ibrahim Implements New Security Measures in Ijumu LG to Combat Crime and Ensure Safety

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The new multifunctional approach strategically adopted by the Ijumu caretaker chairman, Hon Haruna Ibrahim has largely boosted the operational efficiency and capabilities of the local security architecture.

The tactical initiative recently incorporated by the caretaker chairman has formed part of the his unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of lives and properties within the local government, with a particular focus on vulnerable communities that have common boundaries with neighboring states

In his quest to keep and maintain a sustainable safe and secure environment the caretaker chairman has consistently engaged the relevant stakeholders like the traditional leaders, the youth and the heads of Fulani community

The chairman recent intermittent combing of bushes using his security architecture has no doubt exposed the criminals and their criminalities as many of the criminals are currently in police net awaiting their trials.

During an interface with the caretaker chairman he disclosed to our media corespondents that the introduction of new security vehicles by the executive governor of Kogi State, his excellency Alhaj Usman Ododo has greatly helped in quick response to destress calls within the local government council.

The caretaker chairman reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order, emphasizing the need to combat criminal elements that threaten the progress and prosperity of the local government.

In another related development he stressed the importance of collaboration between vigilante services and conventional security agencies to ensure a swift and effective response to security threats.

During one of his quick response to destress calls yesterday 9/05/2025 where some criminals were apprehended with useful confessional statements around Ayere-Ogale axis of Ijumu LG, the chairman called upon all residents to remain vigilant and actively participate in the efforts to safeguard their communities.

While assuring the people of Ijumu of their safety, the caretaker chairman called for unity in the fight against crime and emphasized that the security of the local government is a collective responsibility that requires the cooperation of all stakeholders.


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