Thank You, Kogi West!!! – Dr. Muyi Aina

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Dear People and Delegates of Kogi West Senatorial District,
The senatorial primaries process for our party was concluded this past Saturday, and the APC senatorial flagbearer for Kogi West has been decided. Yesterday morning, I called Hon. Sunday Karimi to congratulate him on his emergence as the chosen candidate, and to assure him of my support towards the bigger struggles ahead.

I owe immense gratitude to every one of you for our exciting journey of these past few months. To our leaders in Kogi West – elected officials, political appointees, party executives and leaders, I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the political process, and for the roles you each played on this journey. May God give you the wisdom and courage needed to lead our people to a better place.

I am thankful to my co-aspirants for a contest largely conducted with decorum. Even as competitors, some of us have forged strong and life-long friendships. Please keep your fire for change and a better lot for our people burning. Divine Providence will reward you for your personal sacrifices and boldness.

My indefatigable Team #DMA – our core leadership team, coordinators and canvassers at all levels, be of good cheer. You have established yourselves as the best in the game, having achieved so much in such a short time. I am forever indebted to you all.

To my PEOPLE, my COMPATRIOTS, my FAMILY, my FRIENDS across Kogi/KK, Lokoja, Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu, Mopamuro, Yagba East and Yagba West LGAs, what can I say? I have been blessed with many great experiences in life, but truthfully, none compares to the thrill of the past few months on this journey with you. Whether stopping to chat with stakeholders in Gegu Beki, meeting delegates in Lokoja, visiting the Council of Obas in Odo-Ape, partying with youth in Ekinrin Adde, canvassing party Excos in Takete Ide, soliciting support of Councilors in Isanlu, or sharing a meal with family and friends in my native Egbe, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of getting to know you, listening and learning from you, and sharing a vision for a better Kogi West with you. In 3 short months of repeatedly traversing the length and breadth of all 7 LGAs, we connected with you and our message of a #NEW DAWN resonated loudly. Your warmth and acceptance have been universal and overwhelming, and remained evident from the number of you, drawn from all 7 LGAs, who stayed with us until the very end, against many odds. Thank you for entrusting your confidence in little-known Muyi Aina.

Many of you have called and written to ask where we go from here. Although this phase of our journey has not led where we hoped, please know that I feel your pain and rest assured that we will keep this political movement alive. As our specific next steps become clearer, we will continually engage with you.

In the meantime, we need to join hands to present a united front for our party to win the general elections next year.

God bless the people of Kogi West.

Dr. Muyi Aina

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