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The biblical narration of the trajectory recorded for Joseph in the Bible was not only amazing but also instructive.

He was sold by his brothers with the hope that a destiny will be altered, he suffered humiliation from his own people but one thing is that he never gave up!!!

Joseph was not sold to the merchant because he was a bad person neither was he disrespectful to his elders, but he was sold because he had a dream that they thoughts was inimical to their existence. Notwithstanding, the story they thought had been disrupted was later turned to a glorious adventure.

While thinking they were interrupting a dream, unknown to them they were helping the dream. Joseph later became a lifesaver not only to his generation but for is race in Egypt. Joseph prepared and elaborate a ceremonial space for the coming of his kingsman and his story ended as it was predetermined.

In a similar vein, Senator Dino Melaye witnessed a well-orchestrated machination against his ambition, forces beyond his immediate environment connived to cut short of his ambition, even if his closest allies betrayed when he needed them most, many of his adversaries celebrated what they considered as The Fall of Senator Dino Melaye, not knowing that what happened was just a mere beginning of his success.

Story like no other person, Dino melaye was so committed true Atiku agenda, he believed so well that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will clinched the ticket of PDP and become the next president of Nigeria, he work fervently for this agenda against all odds. Atiku got the ticket and as far as it is today the coast to Aso Rock is clearer than never for the PDP presidential candidate, the stone neglected by the builder is gradually becoming the cornerstone of the house, the fact that he was humiliated and jettisoned just because the forces against Atiku wanted to deal with him, but fortunately for him is boss becomes the boss of bosses.

As the race for Aso Rock continues Senator Dino Melaye becomes a spectacular personality to look up to, because if Atiku eventually becomes the president of Nigeria, Senator Dino Melaye will not only be part of the success story but also part of the decision makers in Atiku government. Kogi State as a whole will eventually be in the pocket of a man of destiny Senator Dino Melaye (SDM)

Moses Samuel Temitope
Class Rep Policy Analysis 2020/2021 University of Abuja.

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