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An Excerpt…

I was reacting to some good things said by the CAN president on the relationship between former governor Shetima and the Christians in Borno state with specific reference to the plight of those displaced.l am told the statement was later denied.

In the beginning, it was not so. What I said is that ordinarily, if not for the recent events in the country, nobody would.have bothered who is where, but we can all see where we are compared to where we ought to be thinking of how to develop our infrastructure, improve the economy and engeander sense of belonging to every stakeholder in the nigeria project .

Only God knows the cost of the debate on the muslim, muslim ticket to the economy.This is where we have suddenly find ourselves as a people.

I have said it in several fora that nobody would have cared where the president or vice president come from if there has been equity in the distribution and sharing.of what belong to all of us.

I must not be misunderstood on this issue as if I see nothing wrong in the muslim,muslim ticket the light of our recent experience as a country where many believe that the state is culpable in certain moves to islamize nigeria as against its secularity as enshrined in the Constitution.

I am a Christian and an ordained pastor so ordinarily I would have preferred a Christian vice president that can act for the president in Christian public functions that the president can not attend and other.chtistian related functions.

What is the way foward? The way foward is for nigeria to.reinvent itself, see where it has missed the mark and retrace its steps so that we can be proud to say nigeria belongs to us all.

There are many suporters of our vision who warned me about saying what could jeopardize my governorship bid.

My answer is that if nigeria doesn’t survive, certainly,my aspiration will also be affected.Our primary aim is to continue to fight for peace and good governance so that each of us can fufill his or her destiny .

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