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The Nigeria of our dream is when we start practicing democracy in it’s lucid interpretation ”Democracy” Government of the people by the people and for the people. What we have now is not democracy, i repeatedly say that anywhere i go what we have is ”Greediocracy” Government of the greedy by the greedy and for the greedy.

It is when government is afraid of the people and not the people be afraid of government that we are going to have the Nigeria of our dream.

It is when the people of Nigeria realized that those in power in Nigeria including myself are about 3% of the population and it is a misnormal, it’s anathema for 3% to dominate 97% and they remain silent, when we realized that we will have a Nigeria of our dream.

It is when we realized that nobody in Nigeria is distinguished, no senator is distinguished until Nigerians become distinguished.

Until we realized no governor is excellency, no president is excellency, no deputy governor is excellency until the lives of Nigerians become excellent.

Until we realized that no honourable member of the house of reps or house of assembly is honourable until Nigerians have a honourable decent life, then we can begin to talk about Nigeria of our dream.

Until our bishops, our imams, our activists, our community leaders, our emirs, our obi’s , our oba’s have the temerity and audacity to speak the truth to power then we will start having Nigeria of our dream.

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