The PROJECTOR Newspaper @ 10:Hon. Idris Rufus Oluwafemi, IDRUFEM emerges Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Award winner

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The PROJECTOR NewsandPics, a leading independent media outfit, has recognised a young Nigerian and internationally recognised entrepreneur, Hon Rufus Oluwafemi Idris of Kogi State, as the “2022 Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Award” recipient.

Idris Oluwafemi Rufus, who hails from Iluke in Kogi State, Nigeria was recently honored with the prestigious award and decorated today the 17th day of October, 2022.

Idris Rufus Oluwafemi (IDRUFEM) is a seasoned and globally celebrated entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian, who has been impacting lives through his numerous entrepreneurship activities both in Kogi State, Nigeria and world over.

Mr. Idris has successfully served in many leadership capacities both in the United States of America and Nigeria, and he is currently working on a number of public-private partnership projects to bring the much needed development to his people.

IDRUFEM’s support for community development, youth and women empowerment programmes are inspired by his passion to continually impact positively on the lives of the people, who remain his priority.

According to the publisher, Mr Gideon Ayodele, this award recognises and celebrate individuals and corporate bodies, who have distinguished themselves in their various endeavours and have contributed to human capacity building, community development, professionalism, which Mr Idris Rufus Oluwafemi duly fits in, as a way to let them know that their contribution to making life better has not gone unrecognizable.

The recipient, Mr Idris expressed his sincere appreciation that somewhere, somehow, someone has been observing his activities and has deemed it fit to identify him and singled him out for this award.

He promised not to relent in this trend as it has already become a way of life to him.

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